Letting Go

Moving Mondays: Summer of Letting Go

Summer is the optimal time to shed our attachment to personal notions of the exact path we need to take to reach our currently set goals.  With sunny reflective days and warm meditative nights, releasing this hold on expectations will allow us to greet the universe with an open and grateful heart, thereby granting us the ability to accept that we may or may not attain our preset goals, but instead we may end up achieving more that we ever imagined possible.

Reflection for the week: How can letting go of your expectations get you to better place, with a potentially better outcome?

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Moving Mondays: Ride the Wave

Be open to the unexpected opportunities that may come up in your life. Though you may not be fully prepared in every way, once you ready your mind to the possibility of a transition or shift, it could lead to very serendipitous results. Like a surfer who is waiting for the the next wave, whether it be big or small, slow or fast, he is prepared to take it as it comes, to get up on that board and possibly get knocked down.  But he will get up again and wait for that next wave to see where it will take him.

Reflection for the week: How can you open yourself up to the opportunities the universe has in store for you and be better able to ride the waves through the ups and downs?

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honey bee

Bee Careful Today

Did you know that today, July 10th, was National Don’t Step On A Bee Day? Let’s take a moment today to think about bees and how they benefit our fragile ecosystem.  We humans depend on these little buzzing pollinators for most of the fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables on this planet.  Yet their populations are diminishing drastically, much of it attributed to Colony Collapse Disorder, and without them, the food supply for humans would be devastated.  I have made an entire film on pollinators, Wings of Life, and I continue to spread the message of their plight every chance I get.  Read more about my thoughts on CCD and  how my connection with nature affects my cinematography with National Geographic’s Pop Ominivore.  So go out and plant some wildflowers, build a bee waterer in your garden and please take care not to step on a bee today or any day!

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Moving Mondays: Hello Summer!

Swimming pools, barbeques, sunny days and warm nights – summer is here!  It is a time of abundant activity and a thriving Mother Nature.  However, with all of this heat and daytime movement, we tend to get tired, quicker.  We should take care to rest and replenish our energy by slowing down and looking to nature. And once rested, we can revel in the bustle of warm summer nights alongside the chirping crickets and blinking fireflies.  Have a great summer!

Reflection of the week: How is your energy level affected by hot summer days and can you take nature breaks to reinvigorate yourself?

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Beauty is Nature’s Tool for Survival

The message that beauty is nature’s tool for survival is one that I truly believe. Every day, when I walk outside or look out the window, I am reminded how our living universe is a constant source of wonder and awe. Recently, I shared my enthusiasm and love for nature with EcoWatch, a leading environmental website, and its effect on me, my psyche and my cinematography. The EcoWatch article features an interview I did on Green Divas, a great blog for ways to live a low stress, sustainable lifestyle.  You can listen to my interview on the Green Divas radio show here.

Whether it is a wildflower sprouting through a crack in the sidewalk, a brilliantly colored butterfly fluttering by, or a sweet little hummingbird hanging in midair, take a moment to fill your spirit with the inspiring beauty of nature.

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Moving Mondays: The Universe Within

Do you ever wonder about the millions of decisions made within our bodies on a daily basis?  We go about our lives – walking, eating and sleeping, without much thought to the processes occurring in this mini-universe within us – while we vigorously engage in the frenetic universe around us.  Each one of us should take the time to meditate on the miracle that IS our body and how we keep it active, responsive and gratified.

Reflection for the week: Can you create more space and time to consciously appreciate the inner workings of your body and it’s relationship to the larger universe?

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Butterfly Egg

Let’s Go Out to the Movies

Over the years, many people have expressed to me how my cinematography has been a source of wonder, awe and inspiration for them.  It has been a gift for me to be able to share my imagination and shine a light on things that are too small, fast or slow to capture with the naked eye.  I am especially grateful when children are fascinated and inspired by this imagery.

I am honored that my IMAX film, Mysteries of the Unseen World (National Geographic), is a finalist in two categories at the Wildscreen Panda Awards!  What a true distinction it is to be recognized for a film that encourages curiosity, observation and examination.  It is now playing at IMAX theatres nationwide.  Go see it and experience the world as you’ve never seen it before.


Moving Mondays: Teach Them Well

We have the responsibility to educate our children so that they will become the next generation of teachers, defenders and protectors of our precious planet. Their minds are inquisitive and their curiosity boundless.  Take the time with a child to explain the environment around you and have a discussion about every little thing you see.  You will fill them with appreciation for the planet, and the importance of the role we play as humans on this earth.

Just last week the Disneynature documentary film, Wings of Life, directed by our very own Louie Schwartzberg, was selected as one of the 12 documentary films that will inspire kids to change the world.  We couldn’t agree more!  Available now on DVD, Blu-Ray & Netflix, so go check it out.

Reflection for the week:  Take a moment this week to teach, and learn, from a child.  What valuable lessons can you gain from this exchange?

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Young Green Crowned hummingbird near Pavonia blossom

Moving Mondays: Body in Balance

We don’t often think about the mysterious inner-workings of our body – inhaling oxygen and pushing out carbon dioxide, blood flowing and pumping through the heart, the movement and excretion of waste and toxins.   All of this occurs flawlessly when our bodies receive enough of what it needs to stay in balance and to do so, we must recognize how our actions, and thoughts, affect the different parts of our whole.  With good nutrition, energizing movement and ample rest, our mind and body can reach a sense of harmony and balance.

Reflection for the week:  How can you put your body into better balance?  What changes in your life, external or internal, can you make?

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Happy Father’s Day: World Cup Edition

This weekend we take pause to thank our mentors and heroes whom we call, “Dad”.  Father’s Day is a time to reflect, honor and celebrate our fathers and forefathers.  Likewise, we should celebrate being fathers and recognize just how lucky we are to have the next generation surround us with such joy, love and happiness.  Happy Father’s Day.

Yesterday marked the start of the World Cup!  It is remarkable that this one incredible sport unites people of different nations all over the world.  FIFA and the Nobel Peace Center has created a beautiful campaign, Handshake for Peace, to promote respect, fair play and global peace, through the worldwide popularity of the sport.  How wonderfully moving and simple.  Let us all take part and encourage others to send positive messages across borders, through sport, nature and cultural awareness.

In honor of football, please visit our Moving Art website for a free download of the short film, In the Zone, which will get you pumped up for the upcoming games!

In the Zone