Vintage Louie Films: A City Farmstead (1977)

How do we use our resources more wisely to protect the earth and our environment? How can we share our knowledge? As you can see from this student film I directed in 1977, these questions have been of utmost importance to me since the beginning of my career in film. My goal has always been to share the wonder of our world. I hope that through my lens, I can share a vision for a better future for us as individuals and for us a global society.

The issues and ideas addressed in this film are just as important today as they were back then. The advantage we have now that we didn’t have in the 1970s is the internet. Through social media of all kinds — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — we can more easily work together to share the knowledge and beauty of our natural world.

I believe we protect what we love. The goal of my films is to bring the beauty and awe of our natural world to people everywhere; I want them to fall in love. Then, perhaps, we will all unite stronger than ever to strive for the changes needed to protect our world.

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Moving Mondays: 1st Day of Winter

December 21st marks the first day of Winter for the Northern Hemisphere. The cold weather and smaller amount of daylight signals a shift in our behavior that can affect our mood and well-being. The duality of this season — its cold and brutal weather and the pristine beauty it can offer us — is something we should embrace as inspiring and motivating. We can find both good and bad in nearly everything in our lives; it’s up to us to decide focus on the good.

This is a season that inspires reflection and guides us to embrace the quiet and the darkness as periods of potential growth. We all need time to slow down and turn in.  And if the shortest day of the year depresses you, I hope you will remember this: The Winter Solstice marks the return of the light. The days will only get longer from here on out!

The video above is a preview of my film short, “Winter’s Wonders.”   View the beauty of this holiday and winter season through my lens; download Winter’s Wonders at http://shop.movingart.com/products/winterswonders.


COP20: UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru

Today marks the last day of the The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP20, in Lima, Peru. As we continue our fight to address the global issue of Climate Change, we must remember that it will continue to take the cooperation and leadership from countries around the world to work together towards success.

I am grateful to be a part of the efforts to support this cause. As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon states in his letter to me below, it will take continuing leadership and commitment to meet the climate challenge to build a safer, healthier, and more prosperous for this and future generations.


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Moving Mondays: Climate Consciousness

The short film, “What’s Possible,” that I directed and was produced by Lyn Lear for the United Nations Climate Summit will be opening the Caring for Climate Business Forum today in Lima, Peru. The Caring for Climate Business Forum is the world’s largest voluntary business and climate initiative. Climate change is a global issue and I am committed and grateful to support this cause through my work. It will continue to take commitment from all of us to work together as a global community to foster cooperation and change as we confront this important issue.

Hosted by the UN Global CompactUN Environment Programme (including its Finance Initiative) and the secretariat of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Forum will provide a multi-stakeholder platform for dialogue and action among business, investors, civil society, the UN and Government officials.


Nimia Welcomes Louie Schwartzberg

Fast. Intuitive. High-performance platform designed by professionals, for professionals.

Moving Art has partnered with Nimia, a leading-edge asset management and licensing company, to create the Moving Art License Library. Curated by Louie and created for professionals, the Library offers over 6,000 motion images to enhance visual storytelling and inspire a deeper connection with the world around you. Nimia is a single platform for creative professionals to manage business to business, end to end, video content management. They have created new tools and a new marketplace for directors, agencies and studios to license, manage and distribute video assets.

The leaders at Nimia are also professional artists, and the Nimia community is a unique group of artists who are pushing the boundaries in filmmaking and cinematography. We are excited about this new partnership as it supports Moving Art’s desire to be the leading producer of  licensable time lapse and macro-cinematography content. More content is continually being added to the Moving Art License Library and we are committed to enhancing the user experience!

Visit the Moving Art License Library at library.movingart.com

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Moving Mondays: Cyber Monday

Today while you’re browsing the online sales for Cyber Monday, why not use the internet to watch something beautiful and inspiring? Technology can be used as a tool for education, beauty, and inspiration. The goal of my work is to use film and technology to spread the wonder and awe of our natural world to people everywhere.

This Cyber Monday while you’re looking for the perfect Moving Art gifts, we’re giving away Fall Mandala to bring a little more beauty to your day. Experience the transcendental beauty of autumn;  add Fall Mandala to your cart and enter CYBERBEAUTY at checkout to receive your FREE download.


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Moving Art’s “Bright Friday”

Black Friday just got a little brighter.

Rather than standing in the dark waiting for Black Friday deals, why not bring a little light to your day today? All Moving Art products are 20% off through Sunday!

It gets better! You’ll also receive a free digital download of the film Gratitude. Whether it’s an inspirational Moving Art DVD that brings the beauty and joy of our natural world to your home or Louie’s latest book Mindful Intentions which inspires us to live a more mindful life, you’ll find a gift that will brighten your day. This holiday season find gifts to inspire.

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Moving Mondays: Happy Thanksgiving

“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.” Richard Bach

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, many people are sharing everything they’re thankful for. But what if you’re not feeling so thankful?  Maybe you’re going through a hard time and the season of gratitude isn’t resonating with you. It’s easy to be thankful for the good things in life — family, friends, a roof over our heads — but what about the other stuff? The things that makes us unhappy? The things that make us feel sad or fill us with grief and anger. Do we have to be thankful for those things, too? How do we cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” for the negative events in our life?

Learning to have a gratitude practice is even more crucial when times are tough. When we keep a gratitude list or journal, we get into the habit of finding the positive in the negative. We train ourselves to seek out the good rather than dwell on the bad. Life is an up and down journey, and when we experience the downs, having a thankful attitude and heart can help us see the bad times as a chance to grow, learn, and change for the better. It doesn’t mean we minimize or marginalize the the hurt or pain we feel; it means we search for the good and the positive in spite of the pain.

My hope for you this holiday week is that you find many things for which you can be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

camera in greenland

World Television Day

Did you know today is World Television Day? In recognition of the increasing impact television has on decision-making by bringing world attention to major issues, including economic and social issues, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed November 21 as World Television Day.

Television is a tool in our lives that isn’t inherently good or inherently bad. It all depends on how we choose to use it. My work and joy in life is filming the beauty and miracles of our natural world so that people everywhere can experience the gratitude and awe I feel even if they are unable to leave their homes. The video above gives a glimpse into the beauty of Moving Art being displayed on a Vizio P-Series television and shows how we can use beautiful new technology to turn our televisions into displays of fine art.

I choose to use television as a medium for addressing the lack of nature in our modern lives – a problem I refer to as Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD). We live in a fast paced society that  doesn’t often grant us time to catch our breath which leaves us feeling disconnected and isolated. Through a process I call Visual Healing, I believe connecting to nature is an answer to this problem. Though my films that capture the miraculous beauty of our world, I hope I can help people cultivate a sense of connection, peace, and love by bringing the miraculous world we live in directly into their homes.

Television is a medium for which I am truly grateful because I believe it can be used to heal and improve our lives.

Feeling like you don’t have time to experience nature? Take some time to visit my short films currently on Netflix.

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Moving Mondays: Letting Go of Expectations

“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our heads of how it is supposed to be.”

Have you ever heard that phrase before? Too often we wish we had the power to control everyone and everything in our lives. Sometimes we even think we can. The truth is though, we have to learn what is within our power and what is not. Once we learn to focus on ourselves and know we are doing all we can do to make ourselves a better person, the next step is to learn to let go of any expectations we may have of the people or things around us.

Sometimes even after all the best planning in the world, things don’t turn out like we hoped they would. But when we let go of any expectations, we are in a better place to find happiness and contentment which how things turn out and how they actually are. Perhaps we expected our lives to look differently or we hoped for a different type of life. Once we learn to let go of what we expected or still expect, we’re opening ourselves up to the beauty and love of the life we are currently living.

Letting go of expectations frees us from the image in our heads and allows us to find gratitude, peace, and contentment accepting things as they are.