Moving Art & Vizio at Bertrand Delacroix Gallery

Last month Louie’s Moving Art was featured at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in New York City for Vizio’s P-Series Launch. The event featured the entire line of Vizio’s new P-Series models, as well as demos of their functionality, including “shootouts” with rival Samsung models, as well as upscaling and streaming capabilities. The Vizio sets are already designed to support 4K streaming from Netflix which makes streaming Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg come to life like never before in the convenience of your own home! (Netflix subscriber? Click Here To Watch Moving Art on Netflix)

The video above gives a glimpse into the beauty of Moving Art being displayed on a television that can show the footage as it was meant to be seen. Rather than hanging a still photograph or painting on the walls of our homes, we can use beautiful new technology to turn our televisions into displays of fine art.

With Nature Deficit Disorder affecting a majority of our population, new vehicles such as Vizio’s P-Series make it possible to bring the beauty and miracle of nature into homes everywhere.

Learn more about Vizio’s P-Series Launch featuring Moving Art: http://mashable.com/2014/09/23/vizio-4k-p-series/

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Moving Mondays: Holding a Grudge

With energy tied up in the past, we don’t have any left to take care of the present. We’re human. And sometimes we make big mistakes. What we forget is that by holding a grudge against someone who has hurt us, we only hurt ourselves more in the long run. Holding a grudge consumes our energy and diverts our attention away from the present moment. Because we’re tied up in our anger or hurt, we may miss the fact that in the present moment, we’re actually doing okay. Moments of peace and contentment elude us when our thoughts and feelings wander to past wrongs.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do. When we make mistakes ourselves, we hope for compassion and understanding. When someone else hurts us, it serves us well to emulate what we would hope to have shown to us. Letting go of a grudge can do wonders for our overall well-being.

Today marks the official release of my book, Mindful Intentions. I have joined forces with Miraval Resort to create this stunning coffee table book with breathtaking imagery and powerful quotes to inspire a mindful life. Mindful Intentions is rich with wisdom and imagery to inspire reflection and gratitude. This beautiful, meditative book and companion DVD features my hand-selected photography of animals, plant life and landscapes. To order, click here to visit our Moving Art store.


Louie Presents at NASA Exploring Leadership Colloquium

On September 18 Louie presented at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center an Exploring Leadership Colloquium on “Enhanc[ing] Your Leadership with the Gift of Gratitude.”  The filled-to-capacity auditorium included colleagues from other agencies as well as other private and public sector organizations. Before the talk, the civil servants in the audience all received complimentary copies of Louie’s book, written in collaboration with Brother David Steindl-Rast, “A Good Day: A Gift of Gratitude.”

Louie opened his presentation by saying that he loves working with scientists because, like him, they have a sense of wonder and awe and want to inspire children. Constantly curious, he continuously asks, “Why?” Unlike scientists, however, he recognizes that he has the creative liberty to tell the story he wants to tell.

At the end of his presentation, Louie was presented with a plaque that reads, “Thank you for reminding us, through your awe inspiring photography, that living gratitude is critical for all leaders.”

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Moving Mondays: Offers of Knowledge

No matter how old we are, personal growth should be a priority in our life. By making it a priority, we ensure that we are living life to our fullest potential. It isn’t necessary to attend seminars or read self-help books, though we may find these tools helpful. The truth is that we have the opportunity to learn valuable lessons and soak up wisdom and knowledge from everyone and everything we come across in our daily lives.

The key is to be conscious of such opportunities. By cultivating awareness and being present in each moment, we will become more conscious of the opportunities to learn the lessons that are presented to us. And once we decide to value personal growth, how can we not be grateful for everyone and everything that offers us a chance to learn something new?

Reflection of the Week: Is there something that has held me back from making my personal growth a priority in life? What can I do to overcome these obstacles and cultivate an awareness of the teachers and wisdom that surround me?


The UN Climate Summit Film & The Daily Show

Did you see Jon Stewart share a clip of  WHAT’S POSSIBLE, the UN Climate Summit Film directed by Louie Schwartzberg and produced by Lyn Lear? If you missed it, here’s your chance to see what Jon had to say.

In typical Daily Show style, Jon suggests an improvement to Morgan Freeman’s narration of the film! Do you think his suggested dialogue would have made a “Deep[er] Impact”?

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Moving Mondays: Larger Than Ourselves

Too often we can get caught up in the details of our day to day lives. While we worry about getting children off to school on time or the traffic on the way to work, we may sometimes forget the bigger picture in life. When we begin to cultivate an awareness and start noticing that we’ve lost the feeling of being connected to something bigger than ourselves, it helps to have a personal way to reconnect with our true self and to the universe at large.

For me, this includes spending time in nature where I feel a sense of wonder and gratitude for being a part of something bigger than me. If I don’t have time or I am not in an area where I can easily go outside, I’m grateful for my work which captures the wonder of nature and makes it accessible to me wherever I am. When my work was on display at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in New York City for Vizio’s P-Series Launch, I felt thankful that my art and today’s advanced technology can bring the beauty and wonder of our natural world to people everywhere.

Reflection of the Week: When is the last time you felt a part of something bigger than yourself? What is one way you can reconnect to your larger purpose when you get mired in the details of life?

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Moving Mondays: The Benefit of Mentors

Whether it’s in our careers or our personal lives, the value of having a mentor to turn to for advice and guidance cannot be overstated. We can learn so much from each other, and we can give back by guiding someone else. If you feel unsure or stuck, often a mentor can help you work through whatever is challenging you in that moment.

Additionally, serving as a mentor to someone can be an experience that benefits you as much as the person to whom you are a mentor. By sharing our experience and knowledge with someone else, we are often reminded of the lessons we’ve learned along the journey of our own lives. It is also a way we can express our gratitude for the mentors who took the time to help us get where we are today. Serving as a mentor can be a great way to “pass it on.”

Reflection for the Week: What do you think the benefits of a mentor in your life can be? What can you do to cultivate a relationship with someone either as a mentor or a mentee?

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Moving Mondays: UN Climate Summit

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014, world leaders will gather in New York for the United Nations Climate Summit. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited leaders from all sectors of society to the Summit who can make new announcements and bring new climate initiatives and ideas to the attention of the international community.

What’s Possible , produced by Lyn Lear and directed by me, will open the UN Climate Summit. World leaders, including President Barack Obama, will be in attendance. In presenting this film, which is narrated by Morgan Freeman and includes an original score from Hans Zimmer, we have an opportunity to inspire the world to take the power of choice that we have and shift to renewable carbon free energy so Life can flourish for us and for future generations. Our best chance for survival lies in continuing to imitate nature, drawing inspiration from its awesome power. Nature’s beauty can open our hearts, so we can create a culture of change that will save our planet and our future.

Beauty is nature’s tool for survival – people protect what they love. And film has the power to inspire people to take action.

Sign up to be the first to view the launch of the sequel, A World of Solutions at www.movingart.com/un. For more information on the Climate Summit visit www.un.org/climatechange/summit


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Louie Speaks at Global Spa & Wellness Summit

I recently spent several days in Marrakech, Morocco with my partner, Sara Ramo, to attend the Global Spa and Wellness Summit.

I’ve been a guest at the Summit in previous years, and was happy to see familiar faces, reconnect with colleagues and make new friends. But this year was different. I gave a speech on a new modality that could revolutionize spas and evolve the way we experience whole body wellness.

As a filmmaker, I capture light energy; the source of all energy. As an extension of my eyes and brain, the time lapse camera conveys the rhythms of the universe – the energy and connectedness from the micro to the macro and the slowest to the fastest. These are also the same rhythms of the human body. And every living organism on the planet. In other words, there’s a universal rhythm of nature that connects us all.

When we view these organic patterns, rhythms and movements that emulate every cell in our body, it touches the deepest part of our soul. Our brain recognizes it as authentic and true. That’s why it’s so powerful as a modality for Visual Healing.

Researchers now know that watching slow-moving nature imagery calms us down, and that nature inspires a feeling of wonder and awe. Studies found that people who are in awe were more patient, more willing to help others, preferred experiences over material products, and experienced greater life satisfaction. These changes in well-being were due to awe’s ability to alter the subjective experience of time. Awe brings people into the present moment, and being in the present moment allows you to adjust time perception, influence decisions, and make life feel more satisfying.

It’s an honor and privilege to be on the forefront of this exciting research, and to bring a new modality for healing into our spas, wellness centers and hospitals. I hope my work inspires others to realize that we as individuals have the ultimate power, the power to choose what we allow to enter our brain, what mood we prefer to be in, how we want to nurture our consciousness, and how we want our body to feel.

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