As a physician, I am keenly aware of the interrelationship between habitat health and human health. In fact, we are seamlessly connected to the biology of nature that surrounds us.

We are giant composites of microorganisms immersed in the microbial world of our habitats. If these become unbalanced, illness ensues In fact, many of our modern day maladies are directly traceable to habitat destruction.

Fantastic Fungi brings the hidden world of healing fungi into the light of human awareness. The good news is that these unique organisms have a vested interest in the same biodiversity from which we benefit. But we need to protect and support them.

Paul Stamets is a visionary expert who sees what needs to happen to create a better future. Please join us as he and Louie bring this excellent film to to a wide audience. The message of Fantastic Fungi is one that can benefit us all.

Dr. Andrew Weil


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