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Share Your Pollinator Pics!

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a devastating and crucial environmental issue that the entire planet is facing. If the world’s pollinators-bees, bats, butterflies, hummingbirds-disappear, so does one-third of our planet’s food supply.

Learn more about CCD and what you can do to help protect the pollinators. Resources like the Monarch Watch and Pollinator Partnership are great resources.

Do you love the pollinators as much as we do? Share some pictures on our Facebook of your favorite of the pollinators. Get to snapping!

Moving Art™ on iOS, Android, and SmartTVs!

We are thrilled to announce that Louie Schwartzberg’s Moving Art™ is now available on all iOS, Android, and Panasonic SmartTV platforms.

iPhone users can visit the iTunes store, Android users the Google Play store, and Panasonic TV owners the Viera store on your television to download the app. Now you can enjoy Moving Art™, an ever-growing collection of short films in categories of nature, culture, inspiration and moods or shuffle hours of stunning imagery with a single tap that can be experienced on a multitude of screens.

Release yourself from the stress, soar beyond the confines of office walls and city streets to join in the flowing continuum of life calling out to you. Defeat isolation of the mundane with Moving Art™ app for mobile devices and SMART TVS. It’s a connection to the natural heavens that is never more than a click away!

Watch a favorite piece for a daily meditation or use the shuffle format to make sure your image stream never becomes predictable. The Moving Art™ library of videos will never disappoint in its diversity, beauty and sheer artistic excellence.

Moving Art AppWant a reminder to grab our app later? Just snap this tag with your phone!

New York Times Examines Hidden Worlds

The New York Times recently published an article discussing the highly valuable properties of “the hidden world under our feet,” that is to say, the life that resides in the soil: “the microbes, fungi, nematodes, mites and even gophers that make up a complex web of interrelationships.”

The timeliness of the article is kismet; Louie’s upcoming IMAX film “Mysteries of the Unseen World” digs into just this topic. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the film will make the invisible visible, allowing audiences to see things that escape the naked eye every minute of every day. From high-speed and time-lapse photography to images seen at the nanoscale, audiences will be mesmerized by what exists right in front of them that, until now, was beyond their vision.

Look out for “Mysteries of the Unseen World” in late 2013!

Join Louie for a Filmmaker Webinar

Louie will be conducting a webinar for film students on Wednesday, May 1st at 6pm PST, and you should join him! Aspiring filmmakers will have the opportunity to learn from a master of time lapse, slow motion and HD macro filmmaking as Schwartzberg reveals some of the his best techniques for exploring, documenting and celebrating the hidden beauty of our world. He will cover the equipment used, setup, lighting, time lapse, slow motion and macro that enables him to gift us with his awe inspiring footage.

Also, as a part of this webinar he will be sharing some of his expertise with you and will talk about his new film “Wings of Life”, narrated by Meryl Streep. While sharing clips from the film, Schwartzberg will walk us through how each shot was done, his pre-production setup, the equipment used and his reflections upon making the film.

The webinar registration is located here The webinar will conclude with a question and answer period of 15 minutes.

Bob Dowling, President of Bob Dowling Group and former editor-in-chief at The Hollywood Reporter, will be moderating.

Hope to see you on the web!


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About Louie’s Team:

Every great filmmaker has a solid crew behind them; here’s ours:

Courtney Earlywine

Senior Producer

Sara Ramo

Photo Editor

Laurin Fedora

Community Manager

Shannon Rentner

Keeper of the Buzz

Erin Richardson

Project Manager

Scott James

Chief Executive Officer


Kathy Samperi

Accounting Manager

Elease Lui

Line Producer

Eisuke Tsuyuzaki

Technology Advisor

Sarina Volman Miller

Library Manager

All You Need to Know About Moving Art™

Have you downloaded the Moving Art™ app yet? If so, you’re probably well on your way to knowing these already. But if you have yet to hop on this train, here’s what you’ll get when you download:

Q: How many clips are in the Moving Art app at launch?

A:  About 50 2D short Films
About 12 3D short Films
Around 3,345 shuffling clips

Q:  What is the average duration of a shuffling clip?
A:  About 15.5 seconds

Q:  How many hours of material is in the Moving Art app?
A:  Over 20 hours of material will be avaliable at launch (approx 21 hours)

There are 4 2D short films that exceed 10 min.  They are:

1.  Oceans (17.5 min)
2.  Slow Motion (18 min)
3.  Breathing Spaces Part 1 (25 min)
4.  Breathing Spaces Part 2 (33 min)

The shuffling clips are organized into 5 main categories divided into 59 sub categories!