Green Cities can change your states of consciousness. Try forest bathing at home by rewilding your yard! Get back to nature this year w/ gratitude jourinals

Green Cities: Rewilding Techniques to Heal Your City

Rewilding is a recent urban forestation method where plants are free again to grow and flourish in city environments, such as green cities.  You’ll notice cities that have encompassed rewilding when the buildings have vines or trees surrounding them. Rather than clearing natural plantlife for unobstructed views, it can reach high heights and thrive for […]

Bird Types bring words of gratitude while you are forest bathing. They bring nature wonder, get you back to nature and raise your states of consciousness

Crazy for Birds    

Birds are compelling creatures. You can’t help but be intrigued by them as they have interesting behavior patterns and limited ways of expressing themselves other than through chirping. They are small and cute, or large and majestic. Most have the gift of flight, which you can only dream of, while some are like us and […]

World Water Day on March 22nd bring words of gratitude when you think of helping mankind and everyone who needs water but cannot access it!

Celebrating World Water Day

Water is the staple of life on our planet. It offers sustenance that the Earth’s wildlife and environment need for survival. It also cleanses us for hygiene and is a source for people to connect with the natural world. As World Water Day approaches on March 22nd, we need to honor and appreciate this life-supporting element. […]

Best Place For Meditation can be where you change your states of consciousness, write words of gratitude & get back to nature. Write gratitude journals now!

Build Your Own Meditation Chamber With These Tips

Designating a quiet area for your meditation practice will ensure you can properly achieve the benefits. With your private room or corner, you can find focus without distraction. Your meditation chamber can be your daily refuge to escape from everything surrounding you and allow time to pause and reflect. The best place for meditation is […]

Peace In Nature Can be found changing you states of consciousness, speaking words of gratitude and just forest bathing. Enjoy nature's wonder back to nature

Finding Awe in Nature

When you look into a beautiful starry night sky or look across a vast body of water, there’s something that overcomes you with joy and the peace in nature. Enjoying a wonderful scene of nature evokes a sense of happiness as you connect to the universe around you. It’s not too rare when you’re overwhelmed […]

Celebrating National Wildlife Day

Happy National Wildlife Day! February 22nd is a day for celebration of the world’s most beautiful creatures. Throughout the globe, wild life animals help keep our planet healthy by contributing to their biodiverse environments. Animal species rely on the environment for their survival, but human intervention has led to taking their habitat and food sources, […]

Teaching Mindfulness to children can change their states of consciousness forever. Words of gratitude should be spoken daily to encourage daily gratitude!

Teaching Mindfulness to Children

The current circumstances of the pandemic are stressful for adults and also for children. For young kids, anxiety levels are heightened as their daily activities have been halted, and there aren’t many answers available whenever they ask “why?”. Day to day living often relies on news announcements as they come so that anything can change […]

Netflix Shows for Meditation

With orders to stay home as much as possible, you’ve likely become very close with your virtual friend Netflix. While it’s an excellent platform for interesting productions or just some light entertainment, their library also includes some useful resources to promote mental health. Next time you are on Netflix, check out a meditation sleep video!  […]

Mushrooms Can Heal states of consciousness! They're part of nature wonder & getting back to nature. Try to keep gratitude journals of yourconsciousness

5 Ways Mushrooms Can Heal

For thousands of years, ancient cultures have been using mushrooms to heal. Modern medicine has even turned to these fantastic fungi, with 40% of Western medicines using mushrooms’ properties which build immunity and treat ailments in their recipes. These medicines with mushroom components are used to treat a range of illnesses and health conditions. Whether […]

Can Spiritual Healing Improve Your Health?

Spiritual healing practices come in varying forms, depending on faith or belief systems. Some of these exercises require  tools to help you connect with your surroundings, for others you just have to look within. While spiritual healing is intended to strengthen the inner spirit, it turns out that it may also have health-boosting effects. Relying on […]

Book opening. Journaling Online. Change your states of consciousness with meditation gratitude. Get back to nature raise your consciousness by keeping gratitude journals

Journaling in the New Year

January is the perfect month to look inward and reflect on a new cycle of growth. Whether you are hoping to improve your spiritual journey, improve your relationships or simply be more present in the every day, the journey starts with you. Journaling allows you to transcribe your thoughts and consciously process different aspects of […]

Looking For The Best Way To Give To Charity? Something truly great for your gratitude journals is helping others. Raise everyone states of consciousness!

Charity Advice from a Pastor in San Francisco

The documentary, America’s Heart and Soul reveals the remarkable people around us who are making this country a place full of hope rather than despair. America’s well-being is rooted in the kindness and selflessness of its citizens. The characters in this film are doing their part to contribute. Read on to find the best way […]

Need Inspiration On Rebuilding America? Raise your states of consciousness with meditation gratitude in 2021! Get back to nature by helping mankind.

Inspiration on Rebuilding America from a Kentucky Rug Weaver

The documentary, America’s Heart & Soul is focused on the inspirational stories of incredible Americans who are doing their part to build a country full of hope. They are interweaving their kindness, resiliency, and generosity into the fabric of American society to create a country for harmonious cohabitation. Their positive outlook on life and focus […]

Can Cajun Music & Food Unite America? Get back to nature and have some Cajun food while listening to music outside in 2021. Share some words of gratitud!

Uniting America Over Cajun Music And Food

The sights, people, and sounds of America’s Heart and Soul unite to develop the sense of hope that it’s intended to spread. The unique but relatable stories of those striving to be their best selves and help their fellow Americans pull the heartstrings of viewers who are captivated by these characters. Their stories, backgrounds, and […]

Heed these Life Lessons From A Sober Cowboy who has lived a wild life! Get back to nature and elevate your states of consciousness on a farm in Colorado.

What a Sober Colorado Cowboy Can Teach You about Resilience

In Louie Schwartzberg’s travels across America in search of figures that offer beacons of hope, he finds Thomas “Roudy” Roudebush in Telluride, Colorado. A cowboy to the core, Thomas dons a mustache, bandanas, chaps, spurs, and of course, the cowboy hat. His thick drawl will bring a smile to anyone listening.  Sit back and soak […]

Everyone knows Ice Cream Unites People. Nothing raises your states of consciousness more than a cold ice cream on a hot summer day! Get back to nature today

Ben Cohen Unites People With Ice Cream

Something As Simple As Ice Cream Unites People At the core of Leo Schartzman’s America’s Heart & Soul is the message that the American Dream is possible to achieve. No matter what adversity you may be facing, if you work hard, have kindness and compassion, you can find self-fulfillment, that will benefit the people around […]

Life Meditation can help people embrace life to the fullest and turn their inner peace and calm into a place where positive force for change is born

Messengers of Life Meditation

Meditation can help people embrace life to the fullest and turn their inner peace and calm into a place where positive force for change is born. Zen priest Angel Kyodo Williams takes this approach and uses meditation to help create messengers for life.  As a social justice warrior and meditation expert, she helps people channel […]