Looking For The Best Way To Give To Charity? Something truly great for your gratitude journals is helping others. Raise everyone states of consciousness!

Charity Advice from a Pastor in San Francisco

The documentary, America’s Heart and Soul reveals the remarkable people around us who are making this country a place full of hope rather than despair. America’s well-being is rooted in the kindness and selflessness of its citizens. The characters in this film are doing their part to contribute. Read on to find the best way […]

Can Cajun Music & Food Unite America? Get back to nature and have some Cajun food while listening to music outside in 2021. Share some words of gratitud!

Uniting America Over Cajun Music And Food

The sights, people, and sounds of America’s Heart and Soul unite to develop the sense of hope that it’s intended to spread. The unique but relatable stories of those striving to be their best selves and help their fellow Americans pull the heartstrings of viewers who are captivated by these characters. Their stories, backgrounds, and […]

“Let's value what's really most important. This interconnection between us is what makes the world go round,” said Louie Schwartzberg. We are all connected!

We Are All Connected

“Let’s value what’s really most important. This interconnection between us is what makes the world go round,” said Moving Art director Louie Schwartzberg in an interview during The Harmonic Convergence. The reality is we are all connected! “We need for our economy, and we need it for our mental health. Once you understand how everything […]

Mantras are also known as “words of power,” or repeated chants that can bring you more endurance, strength, or power. Meditation On Gratitude

A Meditation on Gratitude

Do you have a mantra? Mantras are ancient chants meant to focus your mind. They are also known as “words of power,” or repeated chants that can bring you more endurance, strength, or power. Have you ever tried a meditation on gratitude? Now watch Louie Schwartzberg’s short film, “Gratitude.” It contains some simple but powerful […]

People around the world celebrate World Friendship Day both near and far. It’s an especially important holiday during this transformative moment in history.

Every Friendship Is a Cosmic Connection

How will you celebrate World Friendship Day? For this holiday, people around the world celebrate friends both near and far. It’s an especially important holiday during this transformative moment in history. Even though many of us are separated right now, we need to remember the friends who bind us together. They are part of our […]

Celebrating Children’s Art Week with some ways to encourage kids to go back to nature. From visiting a farmer's market to foraging, you can start today!

Going Back To Nature with Children

Around the world, people are celebrating Children’s Art Week this month. In this unprecedented time, the event will be held online this year—encouraging kids to go back to nature. The great Pablo Picasso once wrote, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”  We’ve rounded up […]

Beauty and Wonder Will Always Defeat Fear

Sometimes, our darkest moments can help us discover a profound purpose. Inspired by his parent’s example of gratitude and resilience, director and photographer Louie Schwartzberg wanted to make the world a better place and fight for social justice. He photographed a generation in turmoil and bore witness to an epochal shift in American values. Along […]

Learning Nature’s Language

Nature has been sending us messages for centuries, but it takes a special kind of awareness to understand them. Louie Schwartzberg has been shooting time-lapse flowers continuously, nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for over 30 years. Through his footage, we can see nature’s dance, immersing ourselves in the conversations between the […]

Nature, Faith, Fungi & Community

In this final week of the official Gratitude Lab, we turn our focus to faith and community. How ironic – and how perfect – that another of Louie’s inspirational muses – the underground world of mycelium network – just happens to parallel this sense of connection, wonder, and gratitude. “Mother Trees” is the film trailer […]

Compassion Games

Survival of the Kindest: The Compassion Games

August 21st marked the end of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. World-class athletes from all corners of the globe have returned home, some with medals marking their incredible accomplishments. As those games come to a close, however, a new set of games is just on the horizon: the Compassion Games. No plane […]

Paul Stamets & Louie Schwartzberg Present "Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet"

Stamets & Schwartzberg Present “Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet”

On Wednesday, February 24th, the beautiful and historic Directors Guild of America was sold out to max capacity for the highly anticipated presentation by our own Paul Stamets and Louie Schwartzberg. Their talk was called, “Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet” and brought the perfect balance of science (Paul) and art (Louie) to tell […]


Fantastic Fungi Sneak Peek: “Mother Trees”

As promised, here is a sneak clip from the amazing, exciting, inspiring film we have been working on, Fantastic Fungi. It was hard to choose just one, but we hope you agree this is worth getting excited about! Truthfully, the story is revealing itself to us in more wondrous ways imaginable. Thank you from the […]

Mastering Gratitude - Gratitude Revealed

Mastering Gratitude

Select a graphic you love below and share Gratitude Revealed with your friends and family. Help gratitude go global! Bio: Gratitude Revealed is an unprecedented journey into the science, mystery and building blocks of gratitude. In a series of 16 film shorts, acclaimed filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg shows us not only what these ideas look like, [...]

Connection: The Warm Fuzzy Feeling

The very essence of what makes us human—from the flow of our hormones to our keen sense of touch—proves that we were born to be social creatures. Studies have shown that the benefits of connection can be seen in more than our DNA. Adults with a stronger network of friends live longer, and seniors who […]