We Are All Connected

“Let’s value what’s really most important. This interconnection between us is what makes the world go round,” said Moving Art director Louie Schwartzberg in an interview during The Harmonic Convergence.

“We need for our economy, and we need it for our mental health. Once you understand how everything is connected, you are going to care about everybody and everything. That’s what we all need to flourish together as one big family.”

When did you realize we are all connected? Nature’s patterns are one way to receive this cosmic revelation.

The Fibonacci sequence, or the Golden Ratio, is a naturally occurring pattern that creates a spiral. It is found everywhere from ferns and nautilus shells to galaxies, and has inspired a generation of artists and scientists to study our interconnected nature. 

This Phenomenal Life

In her new This Phenomenal Life: The Amazing Ways We Are Connected with Our Universe, author Misha Maynerick Blaise takes readers on a fantastical but entirely factual journey through nature, where everyone and everything is connected.

“Every single atom of our body is made of remnants of stars and massive explosions in the galaxies, and we share the same biochemical basis of life with all living beings on Earth, from a single-celled amoeba to a giant blue whale,” Blaise writes.

Each page is brimming with hand-drawn images, vibrant colors, and perfectly crafted facts that stick in your mind for days.

One page proclaims in delightfully swooping font, “A single scoop of soil contains more species of fungi, protozoa, and bacteria than there are plants and vertebrate animals in all of North America.”

Ranging from galactic facts about stardust to the microbial clouds that surround every human being, Blaise presents a vision of harmony that asks readers to see the world in a new way. 

With stunningly unique illustrations and pithy captions that will blow your mind, This Phenomenal Life offers a portal into greater connectedness with nature. Blaise is working at the height of her creativity, combining an incredibly engaging visual style with educational value that readers of all ages can enjoy.

““When we understand our total interconnection with nature and other humans, it will be easy to adopt policies and lifestyles that promote the well-being of the Earth and its citizens,” she writes, reminding us of the profound connection we all share.

Including diverse depictions of human life, and uplifting the sacred connections between all living things, This Phenomenal Life is exactly the kind of book we need right now.

Fall Mandala

The Shift in Consciousness We Need Now

“Mushrooms can shift your consciousness and make you feel this ultimate connection with all living things on the planet,” said Fantastic Fungi director Louie Schwartzberg.

“That’s the shift of consciousness we need right now, to care about everybody and everything. This interconnection between us is what makes the world go round. We need for our economy and we need it for our mental health.”

Celebrate the release of Fantastic Fungi on Apple TV and watch the rest of Louie’s conversation from The Harmonic Convergence, a 10-day meditation to drive a global shift in consciousness.

Are You Part of the 17%?

Now more than ever, humans live separately from nature. Our food systems are limited to grocery store shelves and the occasional farmer’s market. We might get out for a hike every once in a while, or do some yoga when we’re feeling stressed. But the feeling of dissociation from self and others is all too common.

Enter author Daniel Grauer.

A writer, researcher, and organizer based in the Catskills, Grauer has been passionately exploring the relationship between plants and human consciousness for years. His research on sacred medicine and collective transformation has led to one major revelation—legalization of psilocybin therapy could cause a global shift in consciousness.

“If we legalize and integrate psychedelics into our culture through rituals and guidelines, we benefit from an estimated 17% of our future adult population having a unifying experience,” writes Grauer in his new book, Psychedelic Consciousness: Plant Intelligence for Healing Ourselves and Our Fragmented World.

“If this same 17 percent—of the national and eventually global adult population—then cultivated such a unifying experience through a daily practice of meditation or yoga, it should provide enough momentum to help us navigate the crossroads and shift from an unnatural ideology of fragmentation to a natural ideology of unity.”

Grauer’s new book explores the very nature of consciousness and the role that natural tools and practices can play in bringing individuals into harmony with systems. The book covers historic uses of sacred medicine and goes a step further, pointing out how safe access to transformative mental experiences could become the building block of a better future.

Psychedelic Consciousness looks at how natural plants and fungi can help us re-establish a lost ideology of unity. Interdisciplinary in nature, readers will be treated to a diverse array of well-researched tools and practices that can help transform individual consciousness.

Covering yoga, meditation, sacred plants, and psychedelic fungi, Grauer’s book is a hopeful and inspiring ode to connection in an age of disconnection.

With the right tools and the right mindset, Grauer offers up a path for finding symbiosis with nature. Tapping into the zeitgeist, Psychedelic Consciousness is a balm to every weary individualist who is ready to come back into balance and feel the unity inherent to all life.

A Tribute To New York City’s Spirit

New Yorkers are some of the most resilient people on the planet.

Early in Louie Schwartzberg’s career, he followed the adventures of a bike messenger throughout New York City.

That short film stands today in tribute to the spirit of New York’s great spirit!

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