Gratitude Revealed

Reconciling Faith and Climate Change

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, we have a very special interview for you. We had the pleasure of speaking to Sean Watkins, the social media manager at GreenFaith (a Gratitude Revealed partner!), an interfaith coalition for the environment that was founded in 1992. If “faith” and “environment” seem like a contradiction of terms to you now, just wait to read how Sean and GreenFaith are correcting that notion.

In our conversation, he explains how GreenFaith considers climate change to be a moral issue, and how the organization has brought together people of all religions and spiritualities for this cause. In particular, he tells us about The People’s Pilgrimage, a walk from Rome to Paris prior to the COP 21 climate talks last December.

Plus, he connects everything back to a belief we here at GR hold dear to our hearts: gratitude.

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