Answering the Call of the Mycelium Warrior

This is the tale of a magical mycelium-like connection of dedicated individuals that will ultimately end right in your very lap, dear reader, with an invitation to join a mighty tribe dedicated to a mighty cause. The story begins with an extraordinary woman, Lyn Davis Lear. Over one year ago, feeling (as many do) as […]

Fantastic Fungi Film

Coming Shroom: The Fantastic Fungi Kickstarter Campaign

Dear beloved fungal friends, It’s finally here. The scientifically sound, environmentally critical, consciousness-expanding, crowd-pleasing crowdfunding campaign to end all campaigns. We’re going to make a film about mushrooms and it’s going to blow your mind.

Dr. Weil Fantastic Fungi

The Skin-Saving Miracle of Mushrooms

Tribe Member Dr. Andrew Weil knows a thing or two about the ‘shroom. A long time mushroom hunter, Dr. Weil incorporates them into his holistic lifestyle for their immune-boosting, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. While eating edible mushrooms is the most common way reap their many rewards, Dr. Weil shares that certain mushrooms offer significant anti-inflammatory benefits […]

Fantastic Fungi quiz winner

Test Your Tribal Facts

At 2pm PST today, a winner was selected. Congratulations goes to Fantastic Fungi fan KIKI for winning the Wild Edible Mushrooms book. Doesn’t stop you from taking the quiz for fun, though. Think you know your Tribal Leaders? Take this quiz to find out!

Fantastic Fungi, The Forbidden Fruit (Video)

Imagine an organism that feeds you, cures you, reveals secrets of the universe, may have advanced the proto-human brain, and today could help save the planet. An organism that seems to be conscious. Now imagine that it’s in the ground beneath your feet.