Endangered Species Day is for pandas, orcas, tigers, snow leopards, blue whales, sea otters, sea turtles, gorillas & others on the endangered species list. Sea turtle swimming above coral.

Endangered Species Day (May 21st)

Giant pandas, orcas, tigers, snow leopards, blue whales, sea otters, sea turtles, and gorillas are just some of the beautiful creatures that live on this planet that are on the endangered species list. We must do our best to help these animals on this Endangered Species Day! Read on to learn about the issues they […]

Garden For Wildlife Month - Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your garden support your environment’s natural ecosystems. Two turtles standing on a rock.

How to Make Your Garden Support Local Wildlife

Happy Garden for Wildlife Month! May is the perfect time to make your garden more friendly for the local wildlife. Whether you are growing herbs on your fire escape or have acres of land to cultivate, you can design your garden to help welcome and support local wildlife.    Here are some tips and tricks […]

Planting a Vegetable Garden can be so rewarding, it provides food, exercise, a feeling of accomplishment and responsibilities. Check our our guide now!

The Benefits of Planting a Vegetable Garden

Gardening is an incredible hobby to embrace. By putting your green thumb to practice, you are benefitting yourself and your environment. Spending your free time planting a vegetable garden and growing vegetables in your very own backyard offers many benefits that will improve your quality of life while practicing sustainability.  Some of the main benefits […]

Celebrate Earth Day! Unless you have an electric car, Skip driving on your own for your commute and walk, bike, or carpool with your coworkers! Plant a tree

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today is a fantastic day to reaffirm our connection to Mother Nature and the planet. Our Earth supports us and all other living beings. We rely on it to survive. That’s why it’s important to take today to express gratitude for our Earth by taking action to nurture it back. In case you […]

Earth Day is here, time to practice gratitude for its wonders & supporting us. We need to care for it under threat by Global Warming and human destruction

Five Charities to Support this Earth Day

With Earth Day approaching, it’s time to practice gratitude for our Earth’s wonders and for how it supports us. Earth is our home, and it’s essential to care for it when under threat by Global Warming and human destruction. To celebrate Earth Day, contribute to environmental and ecological causes that are fighting to protect our […]

Green Cities can change your states of consciousness. Try forest bathing at home by rewilding your yard! Get back to nature this year w/ gratitude jourinals

Green Cities: Rewilding Techniques to Heal Your City

Rewilding is a recent urban forestation method where plants are free again to grow and flourish in city environments, such as green cities.  You’ll notice cities that have encompassed rewilding when the buildings have vines or trees surrounding them. Rather than clearing natural plantlife for unobstructed views, it can reach high heights and thrive for […]