Happy Love a Tree Day! Celebrate this holiday by hugging a tree, planting a tree, hiking amongst trees, or donating money to a charity that supports trees!. Person hugging a tree.

Celebrating Love a Tree Day (May 16th)

Happy Love a Tree Day! There are many ways to celebrate this fine nature-inspired holiday. You can hug a tree, plant a tree, hike amongst trees, or donate money to a charity that supports trees. Do you love trees? What’s your favorite tree? Let’s explore some fun ways to celebrate this holiday and get outside […]

Which Flowers Represent Healing? Some can change your states of consciousness. Some flowers may help reduce anxiety, and some can change your mood.

The Secret Magic of Flowers

Flowers are more than just pleasing to the eye. Their beauty brings joy, but they have more benefits that can impact your overall wellbeing. Flowers have a magical effect that can lead to healing and improved mental health. Their petals and stems’ therapeutic components have been incorporated in aromatherapy, spiritual rituals, and herbal potions to […]