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Falling in Love with Fungi at Ridpath Middle School

Sometimes reaching out across the world wide web can lead to amazing things – as they did when Mrs. Fenn, an elementary school teacher at Ridpath Public School in Ontario, Canada reached out to Louie Schwartzberg on Twitter about her class’ interest in one of our favorite topics at Moving Art: fungi. We had the pleasure […]

Answering the Call of the Mycelium Warrior

This is the tale of a magical mycelium-like connection of dedicated individuals that will ultimately end right in your very lap, dear reader, with an invitation to join a mighty tribe dedicated to a mighty cause. The story begins with an extraordinary woman, Lyn Davis Lear. Over one year ago, feeling (as many do) as […]

Confronting the Shadow

The general public may be waking up, once again, to the healing and restorative power of plant medicine, thanks in part to “psychonaut” pioneers, like James Jesso, who push the social and cultural boundaries around the topic of psychedelics, hallucinogens and entheogens.

Healthy, Happy Soil with Mycorrhizal

hile mycelium wears a lot of hats, it has one primary job – to turn everything into soil, and then to feed the plants and trees that surround it. With an amazing intelligence, it’s wraps its mycelium filaments – called hyphae – around the roots of plants and trees. Fungal hyphae and plant roots working […]

Fantastic Fungi Film

Coming Shroom: The Fantastic Fungi Kickstarter Campaign

Dear beloved fungal friends, It’s finally here. The scientifically sound, environmentally critical, consciousness-expanding, crowd-pleasing crowdfunding campaign to end all campaigns. We’re going to make a film about mushrooms and it’s going to blow your mind.

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Sunshine on my mushrooms makes me happy

Louie Schwartzberg has been a fervent crusader in the fight against Nature Deficit Disorder. If you follow his company, Moving Art, then you may recognize his recent campaign hashtag: #BeatNDD, the slogan used to bring awareness to the mental and physical health benefits of nature. Science is proving what experience has shown us all along: […]

Simon G. Powell

Natural Intelligence: An Excerpt from Magic Mushroom Explorer by Simon G. Powell

Wild psilocybinetic treks undoubtedly inspired my ideas about the nature of the world. Indeed, they led to what I call the “natural intelligence paradigm,” which has become a major part of my work. Such wilderness voyages can be contrasted with Terence McKenna’s advice that the mushroom be consumed in the safety of one’s own home […]


Trip or Treatment? by Michael Pollan

Excerpt from The Trip Treatment Michael Pollan’s recent article in The New Yorker. On an April Monday in 2010, Patrick Mettes, a fifty-four-year-old television news director being treated for a cancer of the bile ducts, read an article on the front page of the Times that would change his death. His diagnosis had come three […]

Gratitude Revealed

Foraging the fragrant Matsutake, By Constance Green

This legendary mushroom is probably the greatest barely explored ingredient in the kitchens of western culture. In terms of preciousness, dollars, and demand; only Italian white and Perigord truffles surpass it in the world. The face of any Japanese person to whom I’ve handed a matsutake always looks much like ours when we got our […]

Paul Stamets’ Report from Underground – Save the Bees

Protecting Endangered Bees Mycologist, Tribe member and founder of Fungi Perfecti, Paul Stamets, recently revealed a breakthrough discovery that has the potential to change -and heal- our ecosystem. He proposes that there is a missing link that can dramatically influence bee health, and it’s right under our feet. Yes, it’s mycelium.

Fantastic Fungi Truffle Trade

Inside the Truffle Trade

f you’ve ever felt like you’ve been skunked buying truffles, well, you are not alone. Serious home cooks and even food pros get bamboozled all the time. It’s actually pretty difficult and always expensive to attain good quality truffles, especially for retail customers. In fact, acquiring truffles is so fraught with potential rip offs that […]

Fantastic Fungi Tribe Member Christine Fischer

Discovering the World’s Best-Kept Black Truffle Secrets

Ten years ago most people thought “truffles” were dense, dark chocolate balls that we indulged in for dessert. Looks like this is changing. Culinary enthusiasts have discovered that true truffles come from the earth. And though dense and dark chocolate-y in appearance, their aromas will defy any singular description.

Let It Snow

We may be biased, but we think our fantastic fungi community (that’s you!) is the most intelligent, engaged, clever and hilarious crew on the interwebs. We’ve so enjoyed getting to know you, learn from you, listen to you and share our common love for all things fungi. We love how game you are for even […]

Fungal Art

here are only a handful of debates that have persisted through the ages. Which rock band was better, the Beatles or the Stones? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? While we’re divided on the first two, here at Fantastic Fungi, we are in unanimous […]

Fantastic Fungi Medicinal Mushrooms

The Healing Power of Medicinal Mushrooms

By Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D., M.S., L.Ac. Mushrooms are truly magical. We have always used mushrooms as food and medicine. In fact, many mushrooms have long been used throughout Asia for medicinal purposes. There are at least 270 species of mushroom that are known to have various therapeutic properties. The practice of using mushrooms in […]

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A Message From Our Plants (Audio)

Davyd and Emma Farrell have a message for you. It’s a message from their plants. It all started with a big mug of nettle tea, an afternoon meditation and a heart-opening ephiphany.

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What’s Your Mushroom Personality Type?

We all have a type. Each of us is a unique blend of characteristics, from the most superficial to the deeply complex. And while outward appearances are important, we know it’s really what’s on the inside that counts. If you haven’t figured out what excites you, inspires you and pleases you, it’s about time you […]

Fantastic Fungi

BeeFriendly™, a Breakthrough Solution

Perhaps the interconnectedness of nature is best exemplified by mycelium. It offers nourishment at every stage in the life cycle, from the soil to the plant to the human body. We know that medicinal mushrooms support the body at the most fundamental level – the immune system. In fact, medicinal mushrooms offer so many health […]