Making the Invisible Visible: The Moon. Feel meditation benefits while you're getting back to nature. Feel the nature wonder while gazing at the moon. Louie Schwartzberg, Gratitude Revealed

IN-Q’s Message of Hope

“One little dot in trillions of stars. One little dot. It’s all that we’ve got,” said poet and spoken word artist In-Q during a special Fungi Day presentation.  His message and representation of human consciousness has never been as urgent as it is now. 


All We Need Is Love, Paris & Paul McCartney

Just 2 days after Louie would witness his work projected upon the Vatican in Rome, he would make a statement of Love in Paris at the COP21 UN Climate Change Conference, following an address by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. New York Daily News called it the “We Are the World” of global warming.

IN-Q on Gratitude Revealed

IN-Q Talks About Love and Gratitude Revealed

IN-Q Talks About Love and Gratitude Revealed IN-Q, which stands for In Question, uses his talent with words to inspire audiences to question what they know about the human experience. We are honored to feature his love poem, Eighty-Five. IN-Q is also featured in Louie Schwartzberg’s full-length feature, Gratitude Revealed, which has its theatrical release […]


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