Interconnection Meditation

How often have you run into a friend coming around a corner at the exact moment in time to intersect with you?

“This cannot be a coincidence, for each moment is exactly as it should be,” says Moving Art filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg in a short film about friendship. These are called synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences that we can use as guideposts in our lives.

Use this visual meditation to reflect on these moments of synchronicity in your life!

Meditation expert Sharon Salzberg brings decades of meditation experience to the table to teach people how to focus by staying still while in motion in their busy lives.

“Consider for a moment who all has been in any way involved in your being here in this room right now watching this online,” she asks people in her interconnectedness meditation.

“We’re here because of relationships, encounters, connection. So, who all comes to mind? This moment is actually like a confluence of all that interaction, all those connections, as is every moment. We might feel so alone and so apart, but the truth is our lives are embedded in this greater fabric.”

Sharon currently offers guided meditations, courses and retreats in nature where it is easier to unwind and connect to the seasons.

Her wisdom helps bring guidance on many subjects including working through thoughts, finding compassion and kindness, as well as working with the breath through activity-based meditations.

In her upcoming book, Real Change, Sharon shares practical advice on how to embody the fundamental principles of mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation to create a better world for all.

Poetry and Water Meditation

Director Louie Schwartzberg has been exploring our waterways with his camera for more than four decades, showing us the healing power of Visual Healing with water imagery.

Millions of viewers around the world have relaxed with Louie’s very first episode of his Moving Art series, “Oceans.”  

A few years ago, he created this gorgeous ocean meditation he made for the organization, 1% for the Planet.

Sweet Water Poetry

As we celebrate National Water Quality Awareness Month this August, we also highlight the voices of artists around the world who lead the way towards clean water for all.

Water is not only an element necessary to survival on Earth, but it is the substance that connects all beings to one another. Across geographic distances, across species, and across time, water connects us all.

Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds is a brand new poetry anthology that gathers the voices of poets from across Canada, the US and the UK who have written work inspired by water. “Bottled, clouded, held in rain, in river, estuary, and lake, sweet water is the planet’s life force and the poets here examine it from every angle,” states the editorial page.

In Laurie D. Graham’s poem “Antler River,” the juxtaposition between humanity’s reverence and disdain for nature is stark. The excerpt below speaks to the delicately fraught relationship between the humans and birds that share access to the river:

“Mallards and their escaped domestic kin and the bright,

rasping horns of Canada geese in false spring, in glacier-

turquoise water. Hundreds and hundreds of sharps sinking

into the banks.”

In this excerpt from “Parts Per Billion,” Canadian writer Joe Zucchiatti meditates on the generational differences in how his family handles water treatment in rural Ontario:

“the living water,

my uncle proclaims proudly, defiantly,

as if purified water

was only for sissies,

and impurity and pollution

somehow nutritious”

Solveig Adair, a scientist, teacher, and writer, contributes her poem entitled “Grandmother River.” The excerpt below calls into consciousness the oneness of all life, even after death:

before she died she

knelt in the river and when

I blinked there was no

distinction between her and

the water             body

fed by veins and arteries

wild as water returning

always to the heart

Some writers contribute odes to the creatures who inhabit swamps, whereas others meditate on the destruction of waterways and the future of Earth’s ecosystems. As an anthology, this collection is the perfect way to honor National Water Quality Awareness Month.

It offers the special gift of presenting diverse and international experiences with different bodies of water, calling readers to engage with its themes and be moved into action.

GR Arbor Day

Connecting to the Oneness of Nature

“Mother Nature is the ultimate teacher,” said Moving Art director Louie Schwartzberg. “Filming nature has always been the thing that makes me connect with the divine, makes me feel connected to the Oneness.”

Louie spoke about his career and his connection to nature in a podcast interview with Dr. Lauren Macdonald on The Holistic Healing Project. “You see these repeated patterns over and over in nature,” continued Louie.

“Whether it’s the grain or a piece of rock, or the nebula in deep space or the mycelial network, or the neurons in your brain—they all look the same. Connecting with that universal truth is what I love to do. I’m making the invisible visible.”

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Sleep Meditation with Moving Art

“This is one of the greatest pieces of entertainment on Netflix,” wrote one fan of Louie Schwartzberg’s Moving Art, testifying to the power of visual art to help them unwind.

“It generates a very tranquil atmosphere, and rekindles awe in nature that many of us have forgotten. I regularly watch this when I am trying to relax or sleep, and it brings me into a great mental state each and every time.”

If you need to sleep, visual imagery can provide the perfect solution. It works for adults and kids, and parents have even seen great results with the youngest viewers! 

“I love the Moving Art Series on Netflix, and so does my toddler,” wrote one parent. “I would put it on and he would quiet down and fall asleep. My son would hear the opening strains of ‘Flowers’ and immediately stop crying.”

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Gratitude Lab Louie Schwartzberg

A Forgiveness Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool.

At this transitional moment in history, we need to remind ourselves of the power of forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and forgiving your neighbor can have a powerful effect on your life.

Start by watching Malynn Utzinger’s forgiveness meditation, a Moving Art film that pairs Louie Schwartzberg’s unforgettable images with a directed meditation from a doctor who is double board-certified in Family Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine.

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