Trees for Arbor Day should motivate us to appreciate the power & magic. Trees offer many benefits, including food, shade, oxygen, dynamic landscapes, & more

Honoring Our Favorite Trees for Arbor Day

Arbor Day should motivate us to appreciate the power and magic of trees. Trees offer us many benefits, including food, shade, oxygen, dynamic landscapes, and more. They represent reliability, as they stand tall and strong over time. Trees are majestic living beings that continue growing for years, decades, and even centuries.  Here are some beautiful […]

Peace In Nature Can be found changing you states of consciousness, speaking words of gratitude and just forest bathing. Enjoy nature's wonder back to nature

Finding Awe in Nature

When you look into a beautiful starry night sky or look across a vast body of water, there’s something that overcomes you with joy and the peace in nature. Enjoying a wonderful scene of nature evokes a sense of happiness as you connect to the universe around you. It’s not too rare when you’re overwhelmed […]

New Zealand Braids. After watching one of Mving Arts series, you will understand what vision therapy and nature wonder is! Change states of consciousness . New Zealand Braids

Making the Invisible Visible: New Zealand Braids

“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?” That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only […]

Studies Show You Need More Time in Nature. Change your states of consciousness and get outside for some forest bathing or vision therapy!

Studies Show You Need More Time in Nature

Nature Is Good For Your Mind And Body We all know it feels good to spend time in nature. It’s rejuvenating to take in the fresh air and gaze on the landscape, coming back into balance within our bodies. But it’s not just psychological. There is a growing body of work showing that your brain […]

The Fight to Save the Bees. See mystery of the unseen world of bees! Get back to nature while forest bathing and enjoy some nature therapy. Save the bees!

The Fight to Save the Bees

Who Is Championing The Bees? “At times, we forget the importance of pollination,” writes one Moving Art viewer who was inspired by Louie Schwartzberg’s passionate defense of pollinators. We all need to join the fight to save the bees! “We depend on pollinators for over a third of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Bees and […]

Heroes of the Local Food Movement. Get back to nature with moving arts watch this movie about mushrooms! Get some nature therapy while you grow local food! William Padilla Brown

Heroes of the Local Food Movement

How Else Can We Get Back To Nature? “We’ve got to get out of the way and let nature heal itself,” said Moving Art filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg on the Practice You podcast, pointing out ways we can change our agriculture practices and make a more sustainable world. Louie has been covering the rise of community […]

How to Grow Food Indoors! If you want to get back to nature, try Indoor Gardening! Raise your states of consciousness by bringing nature indoors!

How to Grow Food Indoors

How Can You Get Back To Nature Without Going Outside? “You can change the world and change your community by growing your own food and becoming sustainable,” said Moving Art filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg in a recent interview. “You can grow tomatoes on your back porch. You don’t have to grow them far away, have them […]

The Time For Clean Air is Now! It's time to get back to nature and elevate your states of consciousness with Louie Schwartzberg.

The Time For Clean Air is Now

What can we do to heal the earth now? “We need to reboot and come up with more positive solutions of how to create reconnection,” said Louie Schwartzberg during a recent conversation on the Quarantine Creatives podcast with Heath Racela. One silver lining to the recent pandemic has been the reduction in air pollution.  People […]

Autumn Peltier Defends Our Water

Autumn Peltier is a Canadian Native American water warrior who has fought for water protection and conservation since the age of eight. In 2008 she spoke to the United Nations in New York, declaring, “Water is the lifeblood of Mother Earth. Our water should not be for sale. We all have a right to this […]

GR Arbor Day

Connecting to the Oneness of Nature

“Mother Nature is the ultimate teacher,” said Moving Art director Louie Schwartzberg. “Filming nature has always been the thing that makes me connect with the divine, makes me feel connected to the Oneness.” Louie spoke about his career and his connection to nature in a podcast interview with Dr. Lauren Macdonald on The Holistic Healing […]

See the Wonder of Nature! All the answers we need lie beneath our feet. We must lose our human-centric view and learn to live in harmony with nature.

Biomimicry: Enter Nature’s Laboratory

“One day, we will wake up to find that the energy that powers the alarm clock came from the breeze through the trees the night before. We will go to work that morning, riding the rays of the Sun.” That’s an inspiring vision of humans living in harmony with nature, a short film called “What’s […]

Growing Back To Nature

As we face unprecedented challenges this year, the next generation of creators is pushing for a change in consciousness. These artists show us how to seek shared humanity and interconnection, our only hope to heal the deep roots of racism and divide in our country. “If we don’t experience the natural world as part of […]