GR Arbor Day

Connecting to the Oneness of Nature

“Mother Nature is the ultimate teacher,” said Moving Art director Louie Schwartzberg. “Filming nature has always been the thing that makes me connect with the divine, makes me feel connected to the Oneness.” Louie spoke about his career and his connection to nature in a podcast interview with Dr. Lauren Macdonald on The Holistic Healing […]

See the Wonder of Nature! All the answers we need lie beneath our feet. We must lose our human-centric view and learn to live in harmony with nature.

Biomimicry: Enter Nature’s Laboratory

“One day, we will wake up to find that the energy that powers the alarm clock came from the breeze through the trees the night before. We will go to work that morning, riding the rays of the Sun.” That’s an inspiring vision of humans living in harmony with nature, a short film called “What’s […]

Growing Back To Nature

As we face unprecedented challenges this year, the next generation of creators is pushing for a change in consciousness. These artists show us how to seek shared humanity and interconnection, our only hope to heal the deep roots of racism and divide in our country. “If we don’t experience the natural world as part of […]