Can Mushrooms Save the Honey Bee?

We’ve recently teamed up with Biographic, a multimedia magazine powered by the California Academy of Sciences, to document Washington States University and Fungi Perfecti by Paul Stamets‘ fight to save the honey bee using fungal extracts.

As part of this effort, we’ve produced an exciting short film that highlights how scientists have found a surprising new way to fight back. Get up close and personal with these extraordinary creatures that help feed the earth’s population. Continue Reading…

Ridpath Fantastic Fungi

Falling in Love with Fungi at Ridpath Middle School

Sometimes reaching out across the world wide web can lead to amazing things – as they did when Mrs. Fenn, an elementary school teacher at Ridpath Public School in Ontario, Canada reached out to Louie Schwartzberg on Twitter about her class’ interest in one of our favorite topics at Moving Art: fungi.

We had the pleasure of following Mrs. Fenn’s class as they learned about mushrooms and fundraised to support our upcoming documentary Fantastic Fungi. It was always a highlight of our day when we received an update on how the class was doing!

This past week Louie and Mrs. Fenn’s class connected through the power of Skype, where the students asked all sorts of questions about fungi and filmmaking. In turn, we asked Mrs. Fenn to give us a little background on her class, and how these first and second graders got so fascinated by the network living underground.

Continue Reading…

Answering the Call of the Mycelium Warrior

This is the tale of a magical mycelium-like connection of dedicated individuals that will ultimately end right in your very lap, dear reader, with an invitation to join a mighty tribe dedicated to a mighty cause.

The story begins with an extraordinary woman, Lyn Davis Lear. Over one year ago, feeling (as many do) as though she aught to take matters into her own hands, Mrs. Lear convened an eclectic group of powerful private citizens and Hollywood creatives to see what they could collectively imagine to help bring attention to the climate crisis. Continue Reading…

Louie Schwartzberg

Fungi-Inspired Ideas for Global Wellness Day 2015

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number one health problem in the world is surprisingly not a virus or a disease – it is depression — which is linked to insomnia, stress, weight gain and a trickle-effect of other symptoms that can spiral into disease. WHO also reports that there are 1.6 billion overweight adults globally and that most of the leading diseases are lifestyle induced. Continue Reading…

Fantastic Fungi

BeeFriendly™, a Breakthrough Solution

Perhaps the interconnectedness of nature is best exemplified by mycelium. It offers nourishment at every stage in the life cycle, from the soil to the plant to the human body. We know that medicinal mushrooms support the body at the most fundamental level – the immune system. In fact, medicinal mushrooms offer so many health benefits that certain species, including Turkey Tail, have undergone extensive research by the NIH for their immune supporting benefits. But, can mycelium offer immune support to other life forms? Continue Reading…