Heed these Life Lessons From A Sober Cowboy who has lived a wild life! Get back to nature and elevate your states of consciousness on a farm in Colorado.

What a Sober Colorado Cowboy Can Teach You about Resilience

In Louie Schwartzberg’s travels across America in search of figures that offer beacons of hope, he finds Thomas “Roudy” Roudebush in Telluride, Colorado. A cowboy to the core, Thomas dons a mustache, bandanas, chaps, spurs, and of course, the cowboy hat. His thick drawl will bring a smile to anyone listening.  Sit back and soak […]

COVID-19 chose America’s most iconic American city for its first sneak attack. The pandemic virus of the century took on NYC & New York City’s Spirit won

A Tribute To New York City’s Spirit

New Yorkers are some of the most resilient people on the planet. If you’ve ever been to Manhattan then you know about New York City’s Spirit! Early in Louie Schwartzberg’s career, he followed the adventures of a bike messenger throughout New York City.  That short film became a part of Louie’s 2004 documentary, America’s Heart […]