Planting a Vegetable Garden can be so rewarding, it provides food, exercise, a feeling of accomplishment and responsibilities. Check our our guide now!

The Benefits of Planting a Vegetable Garden

Gardening is an incredible hobby to embrace. By putting your green thumb to practice, you are benefitting yourself and your environment. Spending your free time planting a vegetable garden and growing vegetables in your very own backyard offers many benefits that will improve your quality of life while practicing sustainability.  Some of the main benefits […]

Organizations That Support African-American Farmers

During this time of great uncertainty, many people are looking for ways to help our African-American communities. We’ve seen the deep roots of racism and divide in our country, but we are recognizing our shared humanity and interconnection. Proving the importance of bringing the focus back to nature. Leah Penniman, the founding co-director of Soul […]