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Gratitude Revealed Launches September 27th!


Gratitude Revealed is a series of short films that Louie Schwartzberg and his team at Moving Art have worked on for over a year, launching THIS SUNDAY, September 27, 2015 on and Gratitude Revealed is an unprecedented journey into the science, mystery and pursuit of the building blocks of gratitude that explores what gratitude is, why it’s important and what we can all do to live more gracious lives. Increasing gratitude is a proven pathway back from the disconnection we feel in our lives, disconnection from ourselves, our planet, and each other.

Louie Schwartzberg’s TEDx: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. was a viral sensation, reaching tens of millions of viewers who shared and responded with their own stories of increased gratitude.

In collaboration with the scientific experts at the Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) at UC Berkeley, we provide viewers with exercises tailored to who they are and what they need. From a curated, multi-day immersive program, entitled Mastering Gratitude, to quicker “one-off” tools and practices, we extend the reach and the impact of Gratitude Revealed, making it not only a series to watch – but also a movement that changes people’s lives.

Our films educate and inspire, and the program offerings empower audiences to take new and interesting steps in their own lives. We have partnered with the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) to premiere Gratitude Revealed on in a partnership that is the first of its kind, marketing the project to their millions of dedicated followers and helping to reach the largest, most diverse possible audience.

We invite you to join us and start your own journey into the wondrous world of gratitude through Gratitude Revealed.

Fire, Flowers and That Small Still Voice

Do you gaze upon Flowers and hear beautiful music whispering through the air? Today’s guest blogger shares her poem, her muse being Gratitude and Flowers. It’s a blessing to feel spiritual enlightenment and energy from the beauty of nature; it’s an even greater gift to be able to share it with others.


Why oh why can’t my beloved see
when the flower contracts in the evening of her life,

it is only in anticipation of transcendent expansion of the morning light.

why oh why can’t he remember how it breathes life through the sun and wind with total abandon,
so that he can imbibe their fragrance as the great breath of God.
Why oh why does he see the prickly thorns on the cactus and overlook the new sprung flower

or miss the message of the fern, as she unfurls her fronds as a rolled out
carpet to welcome us in.

Why oh why can’t he hear the flowers majestic symphony?
Just watch and listen to them conduct a perfect strain of Mozart, Brahms or
Bach using stamen and petals.

I dare you dear one, to still your Self and feel her resonance.

The flower would never weep for it’s soul
Nor is it afraid of it’s beauty, to live and die or of death and rebirth.
they simply live perfection in All moments and cycles of their lives.
When fully alive, they show up in their fullness and grace us with their presence

…opening to play their song of love.
Just watch
just watch my beloved and you never have to drop your petals or close your bud again.”

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Moving Mondays: What Oscar Can Do For You

Last night, Louie brought Moving Art to the Red Carpet for the 2014 Academy Awards. Amidst the media, the movie stars, and hubbub, Louie reminds us what OSCAR stands for and its potential for creating a better world through the power of art and science.

Reflection for the week:

Pause to allow the science in art and the art in science to shift your awareness and connect you to nature and others.

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Show Your Gratitude: Enter our contest!

Pre con gratitude-bannerThough the Mentors Channel 21 Days of Gratitude meditation series, presented by our very own Louie, has come to end, we invite you to join us on another 21 Days of Gratitude this holiday season.

Share with us what you are grateful for in our first Facebook Video/Photo Contest!

Here’s your chance to share your filmmaking or photography skills with Louie – and all of his fans!

Entering the contest is easy. Log into Facebook and simply complete the following statement: I am grateful for…” in either a 30-second (or less) video, or a still image/photo. You can also submit via Twitter by using the hashtag #Gratitude21DaysContest.

The last day to submit your entries is midnight, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2013.

Winning entries will be able to choose from three options:

  • The audio package of the Mentors Channel 21 Days of Gratitude
  • The streaming video package of the Mentors Channel 21 Days of Gratitude
  •  A signed copy of our new inspirational book, A Good Day: A Gift of Gratitude

Sign up to vote on your favorites – and the top entries as well as the winning entries selected by Louie himself from each category will be featured on the Moving Art social media channels!

Express your gratitude and be sure to enter…we can’t wait to see your beautiful submissions and touching expressions of gratitude!

If you’d like to help us spread the word, just add #Gratitude21DaysContest to your tweets! 

A Good Day: A Gift of Gratitude – Sneak Peek

A Good Day: A Gift of GratitudeGratefulness is more than giving thanks,” spiritual leader Brother David Steindle-Rast wrote in an essay. “Thanking comes with thinking. Gratefulness happens before thinking.”

Gratefulness, then, is a natural, unforced response — a truthful response — to receiving a gift. Brother David says it is the only appropriate response. But even the most natural, truthful, appropriate responses don’t always happen automatically. We must first be open to experiencing them, our spirits prepared to accept the gift. Living a life filled with wonder at — and gratitude for — the natural beauty surrounding us is a daily struggle for us all.

Recognizing this struggle, Brother David and Louie have collaborated on a beautiful new book, A Good Day: A Gift of Gratitude, designed to awaken and release our natural gratitude for the amazing gifts life gives us every day. The inspirational book pairs Brother David’s simple, soul-stirring poem “A Good Day” with Louie’s always gorgeous and alluring images of nature.

“You think this is just another day in your life,” Brother David’s inspirational poem begins. “It’s not just another day. It’s the one day that is given to you today…. It’s the only gift that you have right now. And the only appropriate response is gratefulness.”

To help us all further enhance our daily practice of gratitude, this newly released book also includes a DVD featuring two of Louie’s inspiring short films: Gratitude and Origins. Get a sneak peek of both films here:

This gift book also Brother David’s original A Good Day video and a link to the “A Good Day” audio track, which you can use to create your own video or slide show on what you are grateful for. Be sure to share your inspirational videos by using the hashtag: #AGoodDay

Prepare for the upcoming holiday season early and order your gift book, “A Good Day: A Gift of Gratitude” today.

Brother David Steindl-Rast trained for 12 years in the Benedictine monastic tradition before practicing Zen with Buddhist masters. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell, where he became the first Roman Catholic to hold the Thorpe Lectureship, and cofounded the Center for Spiritual Studies, as well as His often-reprinted books include A Listening Heart (Crossroad Publishing Company) and Words of Common Sense for Mind, Body, and Soul (Templeton Press).

Tap into the Power of Gratitude: A 21-Day Transformative Journey

Pause for a moment to reflect on that thing we call “water.” Perhaps you are imagining water flowing down a rocky mountainside, or the cool taste of water on your tongue. Maybe you remember swimming, floating weightless, surrounded by the water and, at the same moment, fully connected as a part of the greater ocean.

Now imagine reaching into that ocean and attempting to remove a single “water.” As the liquid slides through your fingers you see how this is an impossible task. A single “water” does not exist. Linguistics tells us that water is a mass noun, meaning it exists in an uncountable state floating between singular and plural. It is an undifferentiated mass.

Gratitude is another uncountable noun. But unlike water, gratitude is infinite and freely available. There is a bottomless well from which to draw. As Louie showed in his inspiring short film “Gratitude,” it is a gift that can lift you up and fulfill your mind, body and soul.

Beginning November 4, you can join Louie on a remarkable meditative journey further exploring the many ways the practice of gratitude can enrich your life, the lives of your loved ones and the world around you. Louie and Mentors Channel have collaborated on “21 Days of Gratitude,” a unique meditation series that weaves together relaxing music, Louie’s lush visuals and inspirational thoughts from 21 renowned thought leaders. Keep your eyes open and be transported through scenes rich with natural beauty, or close your eyes and allow the enhanced audio to peacefully wash over you.

At its heart, and in our hearts, gratitude is love. Recognizing this, the first week of the 21-day series is inner focused, beginning with lessons on finding your purpose from mentor Tim Kelley. The second week turns to gratitude for family and relationships, featuring inspirational thoughts on heritage from Carolyn Woo and on life partners from Craig Hamilton and Claire Zammit. As the series moves into its third week and final week, you will begin an exploration of gratitude and nature. Thought leaders include Don Miguel Ruiz, who will show you the value of connection, and Russell Bishop, who will inspire with his thoughts on gratitude for our cosmic home, Earth and the solar system.

Register now for this free, transformational journey, and join a global community ready to change the world with the power of gratitude. Show your gratitude by sharing this unique opportunity with others and follow the journey on twitter:  #Gratitude21Days