Louie has addressed audiences worldwide with his uplifting and inspiring message.

With over 50 million combined online views, if you have not yet seen Louie present, you are in for a delightful visual treat from a humble presenter. Louie has received standing ovations from crowds as diverse as TED (30th Anniversary) to film festivals, to inspirational corporate speeches from leading brands worldwide.

Recent speaking engagements include: TED main stage, TEDxLA, TEDxSoCal, TEDxSF, TEDxJacksonhole, TEDxSMU, TED Vancouver, Global Spa and Wellness Summit, NASA, The Nantucket Project, Grocery Manufacturers of Sweden, Bioneers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, X-STEM, and Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, and various film festivals.


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We had Louie for the keynote at a corporate retreat for the HP Legal Department. Our theme was “Inspire” and Louie’s presentation was world class – moving, different and perfect. Through his incredible images and spot-on observations, he was he was able to teach a roomful of corporate lawyers how seeing the world through different eyes can help us all take more creative approaches to problem solving. Not your typical corporate speaker and I mean that as a high compliment. We survey our participants on all of our speakers and Louis is one of the highest rated speakers we have ever had.

Christopher Fraser / Deputy General Counsel, Hewlett-Packard

Louie’s Presentation at the Climate Conscious Summit was just amazing. He mindfully weaves together his personal life experiences with his stunning photography and imagery of nature to create a tapestry of wonder and love that touches you on a soul level. His presence was profound, graceful and full of hope. He moves you to a place that opens your heart and connects you to all.

Antonio Capretta / Blue World Project

Louie’s keynote at our annual Trustee gathering in Washington D.C. captured vividly the potential of putting innovation to work in the face of a rapidly changing climate. As he says, to care for the world we first need to love it. His pictures are love letters to the planet; they inspire the very root of human nature. Louie’s speech was cited by one of our tenured volunteer leaders as ‘One of the most moving hours of my ten years as Trustee.’ We honor Louie and the beautiful work he does on behalf of our world.

Barbara Merz / Global Campaign Director, The Nature Conservancy

Louie’s gifts go beyond showing us the beauty and wonder of the natural world in all its intricacies. He is a gifted storyteller able to connect with his audience by combining knowledge and wisdom with his own personal story. Louie brought many of our guests to tears because his imagery and words touched them so deeply. We hope to continue to work with him and to bring him back to move and inspire many more people.

Sue Ann L. Schiff / Executive Director, San Francisco Botanical Garden Society

While Louie was preaching to the choir of a group of fish and wildlife biologists, you could hear a pin drop in the room throughout his entire speech. I loved the way that he connected with the kids in the room, too. Our spirits were renewed in his presence. As fellow “ecowarriors” we were inspired to do more and be more.

Dr. Mamie Parker / Fish and Wildlife Biologist and Former Assistant Director of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Louie lights up the crowd! I always like to work with people who are sure fire mind-blowers… Louie is one of those, he definitely blows people’s minds.

Tom Scott / The Nantucket Project

Apart from being a genius artist of film and visual storytelling, Louie Schwartzberg is a compelling and charming speaker whose heart and mind levitate the spirits and consciousness of the audience. He has natural magic, and he has become a mainstay at the Bioneers conference where we can now routinely expect the grateful handkerchiefs to come out along with a standing ovation.

Kenny Ausubel / Co-CEO and Founder, Bioneers

Louie first spoke at our Summit in New Delhi. He was mesmerizing, and that was not easy since he followed the Dalai Lama! Louie’s passion for nature, his extraordinary talents as a film maker, his genuine soulfulness as a human being, and his ability to share all of that with an audience, makes him one of the most powerful speakers we have had on our main stage. We invited Louie back this year in Marrakech, and he had our delegates laughing, weeping and literally dancing in the aisles. Who else can do that?! We hope Louie will be part of our Summit every year, as he brings something unique and important to any conversation, but particularly a conversation about wellness. Louie embodies all that is good and beautiful, and he is a gift we give our Summit audience.

Susie Ellis / Chairman and CEO, Global Wellness Institute & Global Wellness Summit

When Louie takes the stage, his own authenticity and deep love of the world shine out. Whether through his compelling narratives, or his incredible imagery, Louie enthralls audiences. His appearance at our conference went viral, with millions of views, and when I read through the ensuing comment threads I am thrilled- viewers indicate not just entertainment or enjoyment, but life changing impact. His technique, vision and heart wow people.

Christine Mason McCaull / Curator, TEDxSanFrancisco and Lovespring

Louie, quite simply, connects the dots. The stunning images that Louie creates are much more than jaw-dropping beautiful. They are intimate, exquisite and transcendent glimpses of a world we can experience in no other way. Witty and accessible, Louie connects with audiences to remind us of the essential nature of beauty, and the intrinsic beauty of nature. Louie is an evocative storyteller who immediately engages with audiences of all types, reminding us that beauty connects us to each other and the world around us. Louie’s work defies words. The amazing images he has created over the last three decades quite literally transcend time. He artfully demonstrates the imperceptible beauty that unfolds around us, reminding each of us to embrace the world we live in, with gratitude and wonder and awe.

Lisa Samford / Executive Director, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Jackson Hole Science Media Awards

Louie Schwartzberg is a master artist who uses stunning visuals and poetic story telling to reach your heart and mind. At our recent 40th Anniversary Gala, our audience was spell bound and profoundly moved by his presentation and rewarded him with a standing ovation. Louie is truly amazing and we look forward to continuing to work with him.

Susan Smartt / President/CEO NatureBridge

Louie’s presentation is a knock-out. His dedication to his art and his ability to connect with an audience are equally impressive, and the beauty of his photography is sometimes overwhelming. The attendees (many of whom are jaded sophisticates!) were mesmerized, some were moved to tears, and many clamored to purchase his books and DVDs. On top of that, he is wonderfully easy to work with—a gentle soul and a true professional.

Michael Adams / Editorial Director, Hospitality Design Summit

I just wanted to say, when I first saw you were speaking, I thought, “Wow, that’s awesome, 30 million views on TED Talks but what does that have to do with coaching?” Watching that, I’m just weeping. I want to share it with everybody and believe everybody should see it and then question what are they doing with their lives and are they exploring their passions. And if they saw it, they would think more about the environment and their impact on it. So I just want to say thank you. And I get it. I’m just speechless now. Thank you!

Anonymous audience member / at the Capital Coaches Conference