Sleep Meditation with Moving Art

“This is one of the greatest pieces of entertainment on Netflix,” wrote one fan of Louie Schwartzberg’s Moving Art, testifying to the power of visual art to help them unwind.

“It generates a very tranquil atmosphere, and rekindles awe in nature that many of us have forgotten. I regularly watch this when I am trying to relax or sleep, and it brings me into a great mental state each and every time.”

If you need to sleep, visual imagery can provide the perfect solution. It works for adults and kids, and parents have even seen great results with the youngest viewers! 

“I love the Moving Art Series on Netflix, and so does my toddler,” wrote one parent. “I would put it on and he would quiet down and fall asleep. My son would hear the opening strains of ‘Flowers’ and immediately stop crying.”

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When The Lights Go Down: MUSE, Arianna Huffington & Sleep

When The Lights Go Down: MUSE, Arianna Huffington & Sleep

If you were in NYC on March 31, you probably felt the enchantment in the air. That’s because MUSE was in town. MUSE events are “enchanted evenings where art, life science & technology meet to inspire the Who’s Who in health.” It’s a modern-day adaptation of the salon from the Age of Enlightenment but instead of poets, painters and philosophers, the attendees include physicians, patient advocates, health researchers, health technology startups and pharma professionals. This year, it boasted an inspirational roster of speakers, including our own Louie Schwartzberg and his dear friend, Arianna Huffington. Continue Reading…