Shining a Light On the Vatican: Q&A with Louie Schwartzberg

Last week was a moment in history Louie Schwartzberg will never forget. Neither will the world. A global climate summit in Paris followed by a breath-taking light show projected upon the greater-than-life exterior of the Vatican in Rome. Louie stood in the square among the sea of faces gathered to witness this moment in time… and Gratitude Revealed grabbed a precious moment to ask him about his experience.

Here’s the message of holiday rejoice Louie wanted to share with YOU. Continue Reading…

Wonder: Just how awesome is awe?

The word “awesome” has become engrained in our daily vocabulary. But did you know that at its root it is actually an expression of wonder? According to psychologists, wonder or awe is defined as the feeling that arises when you are confronted with something so strikingly vast in number, scope, or complexity that it alters the way you view the world. It has such an effect on us that when people experience feelings of wonder, they are susceptible to lower risks for depression, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Continue Reading…

Moving Mondays: A Child’s Eye

Children are blessings that remind us that we, as adults, possess more patience, strength and courage than we realize.  They also renew our sense of awe, innocence and fascination at the natural world around us – a trembling leaf, a fluttering butterfly, clouds shaped like rabbits.  We often forget we are capable of feeling these sensations that we regularly felt as children ourselves.  Today, let us view the world through our children’s eyes and celebrate the beauty and wonderment that they see.  Happy National Children’s Day!

Reflection for the week: How can recapturing your childhood sense of wonder help you live better — be better?  

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