Need Inspiration On Rebuilding America? Raise your states of consciousness with meditation gratitude in 2021! Get back to nature by helping mankind.

Inspiration on Rebuilding America from a Kentucky Rug Weaver

The documentary, America’s Heart & Soul is focused on the inspirational stories of incredible Americans who are doing their part to build a country full of hope. They are interweaving their kindness, resiliency, and generosity into the fabric of American society to create a country for harmonious cohabitation. Their positive outlook on life and focus […]

Celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13. Use words of gratitude & raise your states of consciousness! Go outdoors & get nature therapy & daily gratitude

Celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13

Kindness is not timid or weak. Instead, kindness is a revolutionary act of generosity and compassion. The first World Kindness Day was introduced as an international holiday in 1998. A coalition of kindness NGOs got together to form the World Kindness Movement, and November 13th is an annual opportunity for people to practice kindness. Reflect […]