Happy Love a Tree Day! Celebrate this holiday by hugging a tree, planting a tree, hiking amongst trees, or donating money to a charity that supports trees!. Person hugging a tree.

Celebrating Love a Tree Day (May 16th)

Happy Love a Tree Day! There are many ways to celebrate this fine nature-inspired holiday. You can hug a tree, plant a tree, hike amongst trees, or donate money to a charity that supports trees. Do you love trees? What’s your favorite tree? Let’s explore some fun ways to celebrate this holiday and get outside […]

It’s time to learn about our stoned ape ancestors. Developing states of consciousness and how the human brain triple in size in just two million years.

The Stoned Ape Theory

How did the human brain triple in size in just two million years? There’s a fascinating evolutionary hypothesis behind it, but they definitely won’t teach you this one in school! It’s time to learn about our stoned ape ancestors—a story that will change the way you look at mushrooms and history forever. Divining into developing […]

Magic Mushrooms create a Shift in Consciousness with Psilocybin Therapy. Moving Art discusses New book Psychedelic Consciousness by Daniel Grauer.

A Shift in Consciousness with Psilocybin Therapy

Psilocybin Therapy Can Psilocybin Therapy lead to a shift in consciousness? “Magic mushrooms can shift your consciousness and make you feel this ultimate connection with all living things on the planet,” said Fantastic Fungi director Louie Schwartzberg. “That’s the shift of consciousness we need right now, to care about everybody and everything. This interconnection between […]

Mushrooms Can Heal states of consciousness! They're part of nature wonder & getting back to nature. Try to keep gratitude journals of yourconsciousness

5 Ways Mushrooms Can Heal

For thousands of years, ancient cultures have been using mushrooms to heal. Modern medicine has even turned to these fantastic fungi, with 40% of Western medicines using mushrooms’ properties which build immunity and treat ailments in their recipes. These medicines with mushroom components are used to treat a range of illnesses and health conditions. Whether […]

Mushroom Agriculture in Fighting Poverty. Using mycology sustainability environment. How to use mycology and the mycelium network to end poverty!

The Role of Mushroom Agriculture in Fighting Poverty

What Can Mushrooms Do To Help Society? Around the world, mushroom farming has provided opportunities to people in poverty-stricken communities. In East Asia and Africa, mushroom agriculture is being used to combat poverty and create sustainable agriculture practices. Read on to see more mushroom agriculture in fighting poverty October 17th is the International Day for the […]

The Fight to Save the Bees. See mystery of the unseen world of bees! Get back to nature while forest bathing and enjoy some nature therapy. Save the bees!

The Fight to Save the Bees

Who Is Championing The Bees? “At times, we forget the importance of pollination,” writes one Moving Art viewer who was inspired by Louie Schwartzberg’s passionate defense of pollinators. We all need to join the fight to save the bees! “We depend on pollinators for over a third of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Bees and […]

Heroes of the Local Food Movement. Get back to nature with moving arts watch this movie about mushrooms! Get some nature therapy while you grow local food! William Padilla Brown

Heroes of the Local Food Movement

How Else Can We Get Back To Nature? “We’ve got to get out of the way and let nature heal itself,” said Moving Art filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg on the Practice You podcast, pointing out ways we can change our agriculture practices and make a more sustainable world. Louie has been covering the rise of community […]

Poetry and Water Meditation

Poetry and Water Meditation Director Louie Schwartzberg has been exploring our waterways with his camera for more than four decades, showing us the healing power of Visual Healing with water imagery. The same filmmaker that brought us the movie about mushrooms Fantastic Fungi also brings us poetry and water meditation. Millions of viewers around the […]

Moving Art director Louie Schwartzberg will receive the American Visionary Art Museum’s highest honor, the Grand Visionary Award on August 2. Visionary Art. Artist Alex Gray discusses his work in a special Moving Art film.

A Celebration of Visionary Art

Moving Art director Louie Schwartzberg will receive the American Visionary Art Museum’s highest honor, the Grand Visionary Award on August 2. Fantastic Fungi explored Visionary Art through the lens of psychedelics and Louie’s work will be on display at the museum through January 2021, part of its 25th original mega-exhibition, “The Secret Life of Earth.” […]

Learning Nature’s Language

Nature has been sending us messages for centuries, but it takes a special kind of awareness to understand them. Louie Schwartzberg has been shooting time-lapse flowers continuously, nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for over 30 years. Through his footage, we can see nature’s dance, immersing ourselves in the conversations between the […]

Fantastic Fungi

How Fungi Can Help Fight Pandemics

There is magic beneath our feet—including not only plant medicines, but possibly the next game-changing vaccines that we so desperately need now and will always need in the future.   There’s a rich history of plant medicine discoveries that have helped humanity throughout history. People have been using mushrooms to combat infection for centuries as one […]

Mushrooms Emerge from Underground

From more magic mushroom research, microdosing and retreats – to a profusion of superpower mushrooms infused in foods, drinks and beauty products The 2017 Global Wellness Summit kicked off with a serious dose of…mushrooms. Award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg’s opening talk sneak-previewed his extraordinary new film on the unappreciated power of mushrooms: from their crucial role […]

Can Mushrooms Save the Honey Bee?

Saving the Bees We’ve recently teamed up with Biographic, a multimedia magazine powered by the California Academy of Sciences, to document Washington States University and Fungi Perfecti by Paul Stamets‘ fight to save the honey bee using fungal extracts. As part of this effort, we’ve produced an exciting short film that highlights how scientists have […]

Nature, Faith, Fungi & Community

In this final week of the official Gratitude Lab, we turn our focus to faith and community. How ironic – and how perfect – that another of Louie’s inspirational muses – the underground world of mycelium network – just happens to parallel this sense of connection, wonder, and gratitude. “Mother Trees” is the film trailer […]

Ridpath Fantastic Fungi

Falling in Love with Fungi at Ridpath Middle School

Sometimes reaching out across the world wide web can lead to amazing things – as they did when Mrs. Fenn, an elementary school teacher at Ridpath Public School in Ontario, Canada reached out to Louie Schwartzberg on Twitter about her class’ interest in one of our favorite topics at Moving Art: fungi. We had the pleasure […]

Answering the Call of the Mycelium Warrior

This is the tale of a magical mycelium-like connection of dedicated individuals that will ultimately end right in your very lap, dear reader, with an invitation to join a mighty tribe dedicated to a mighty cause. The story begins with an extraordinary woman, Lyn Davis Lear. Over one year ago, feeling (as many do) as […]

Paul Stamets & Louie Schwartzberg Present "Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet"

Stamets & Schwartzberg Present “Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet”

On Wednesday, February 24th, the beautiful and historic Directors Guild of America was sold out to max capacity for the highly anticipated presentation by our own Paul Stamets and Louie Schwartzberg. Their talk was called, “Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet” and brought the perfect balance of science (Paul) and art (Louie) to tell […]


Fantastic Fungi Sneak Peek: “Mother Trees”

As promised, here is a sneak clip from the amazing, exciting, inspiring film we have been working on, Fantastic Fungi. It was hard to choose just one, but we hope you agree this is worth getting excited about! Truthfully, the story is revealing itself to us in more wondrous ways imaginable. Thank you from the […]