Learning Nature’s Language

Nature has been sending us messages for centuries, but it takes a special kind of awareness to understand them. Louie Schwartzberg has been shooting time-lapse flowers continuously, nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for over 30 years. Through his footage, we can see nature’s dance, immersing ourselves in the conversations between the […]

Fantastic Fungi

How Fungi Can Help Fight Pandemics

There is magic beneath our feet—including not only plant medicines, but possibly the next game-changing vaccines that we so desperately need now and will always need in the future.   There’s a rich history of plant medicine discoveries that have helped humanity throughout history. People have been using mushrooms to combat infection for centuries as one […]

Mushrooms Emerge from Underground

From more magic mushroom research, microdosing and retreats – to a profusion of superpower mushrooms infused in foods, drinks and beauty products The 2017 Global Wellness Summit kicked off with a serious dose of…mushrooms. Award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg’s opening talk sneak-previewed his extraordinary new film on the unappreciated power of mushrooms: from their crucial role […]

Can Mushrooms Save the Honey Bee?

Saving the Bees We’ve recently teamed up with Biographic, a multimedia magazine powered by the California Academy of Sciences, to document Washington States University and Fungi Perfecti by Paul Stamets‘ fight to save the honey bee using fungal extracts. As part of this effort, we’ve produced an exciting short film that highlights how scientists have […]

Nature, Faith, Fungi & Community

In this final week of the official Gratitude Lab, we turn our focus to faith and community. How ironic – and how perfect – that another of Louie’s inspirational muses – the underground world of mycelium network – just happens to parallel this sense of connection, wonder, and gratitude. “Mother Trees” is the film trailer […]

Ridpath Fantastic Fungi

Falling in Love with Fungi at Ridpath Middle School

Sometimes reaching out across the world wide web can lead to amazing things – as they did when Mrs. Fenn, an elementary school teacher at Ridpath Public School in Ontario, Canada reached out to Louie Schwartzberg on Twitter about her class’ interest in one of our favorite topics at Moving Art: fungi. We had the pleasure […]

Answering the Call of the Mycelium Warrior

This is the tale of a magical mycelium-like connection of dedicated individuals that will ultimately end right in your very lap, dear reader, with an invitation to join a mighty tribe dedicated to a mighty cause. The story begins with an extraordinary woman, Lyn Davis Lear. Over one year ago, feeling (as many do) as […]

Paul Stamets & Louie Schwartzberg Present "Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet"

Stamets & Schwartzberg Present “Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet”

On Wednesday, February 24th, the beautiful and historic Directors Guild of America was sold out to max capacity for the highly anticipated presentation by our own Paul Stamets and Louie Schwartzberg. Their talk was called, “Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet” and brought the perfect balance of science (Paul) and art (Louie) to tell […]


Fantastic Fungi Sneak Peek: “Mother Trees”

As promised, here is a sneak clip from the amazing, exciting, inspiring film we have been working on, Fantastic Fungi. It was hard to choose just one, but we hope you agree this is worth getting excited about! Truthfully, the story is revealing itself to us in more wondrous ways imaginable. Thank you from the […]

Confronting the Shadow

The general public may be waking up, once again, to the healing and restorative power of plant medicine, thanks in part to “psychonaut” pioneers, like James Jesso, who push the social and cultural boundaries around the topic of psychedelics, hallucinogens and entheogens.

Healthy, Happy Soil with Mycorrhizal

hile mycelium wears a lot of hats, it has one primary job – to turn everything into soil, and then to feed the plants and trees that surround it. With an amazing intelligence, it’s wraps its mycelium filaments – called hyphae – around the roots of plants and trees. Fungal hyphae and plant roots working […]

Louie Schwartzberg

Fungi-Inspired Ideas for Global Wellness Day 2015

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number one health problem in the world is surprisingly not a virus or a disease – it is depression — which is linked to insomnia, stress, weight gain and a trickle-effect of other symptoms that can spiral into disease. WHO also reports that there are 1.6 billion […]

Fantastic Fungi

Make Better Meals From Scraps

Are you throwing away your broccoli stems and peach pits? Food writer, cookbook author and Fantastic Fungi Tribe Member Eugenia Bone says don’t. In her new book, “The Kitchen Ecosystem,” she writes that foods we normally throw away, such as leftover bones, pea pods or beet juice, can be used to enhance the flavor of […]

Fantastic Fungi

Sunshine on my mushrooms makes me happy

Louie Schwartzberg has been a fervent crusader in the fight against Nature Deficit Disorder. If you follow his company, Moving Art, then you may recognize his recent campaign hashtag: #BeatNDD, the slogan used to bring awareness to the mental and physical health benefits of nature. Science is proving what experience has shown us all along: […]

Simon G. Powell

Natural Intelligence: An Excerpt from Magic Mushroom Explorer by Simon G. Powell

Wild psilocybinetic treks undoubtedly inspired my ideas about the nature of the world. Indeed, they led to what I call the “natural intelligence paradigm,” which has become a major part of my work. Such wilderness voyages can be contrasted with Terence McKenna’s advice that the mushroom be consumed in the safety of one’s own home […]


Trip or Treatment? by Michael Pollan

Excerpt from The Trip Treatment Michael Pollan’s recent article in The New Yorker. On an April Monday in 2010, Patrick Mettes, a fifty-four-year-old television news director being treated for a cancer of the bile ducts, read an article on the front page of the Times that would change his death. His diagnosis had come three […]

Gratitude Revealed

Foraging the fragrant Matsutake, By Constance Green

This legendary mushroom is probably the greatest barely explored ingredient in the kitchens of western culture. In terms of preciousness, dollars, and demand; only Italian white and Perigord truffles surpass it in the world. The face of any Japanese person to whom I’ve handed a matsutake always looks much like ours when we got our […]

Paul Stamets’ Report from Underground – Save the Bees

Protecting Endangered Bees Mycologist, Tribe member and founder of Fungi Perfecti, Paul Stamets, recently revealed a breakthrough discovery that has the potential to change -and heal- our ecosystem. He proposes that there is a missing link that can dramatically influence bee health, and it’s right under our feet. Yes, it’s mycelium.

Mushroom Diet

Meal Planning with Mushrooms, by Eugenia Bone

Since my children were born I have put on a couple of pounds every few years and every time it happens, I get uptight about it. Over the years I’ve tried tweaking my eating habits in order to lose the weight without heartbreak. In fact, every New Year’s resolution includes something about losing those extra […]