Magic Mushrooms create a Shift in Consciousness with Psilocybin Therapy. Moving Art discusses New book Psychedelic Consciousness by Daniel Grauer.

A Shift in Consciousness with Psilocybin Therapy

Psilocybin Therapy Can Psilocybin Therapy lead to a shift in consciousness? “Magic mushrooms can shift your consciousness and make you feel this ultimate connection with all living things on the planet,” said Fantastic Fungi director Louie Schwartzberg. “That’s the shift of consciousness we need right now, to care about everybody and everything. This interconnection between […]

Wonder & Awe by Louie Schwartzberg: TEDxLA [video]

“Wonder and curiosity drive us to explore because we are surrounded by things we can’t see, and that triggers our imagination, inspiring art and science. I love making the invisible visible. Using the art of time lapse and slow motion cinematography, I can stretch the imagination by creating journeys through portals of time, and scale. […]

3-Day Individual Gratitude Challenge

You may have heard, we have been talking a lot about gratitude. If you haven’t seen Louie Schwartzberg’s extraordinary work upon the Guggenheim rotunda, you’ll not want to miss it. We also have an exciting program running right now called the Gratitude Lab. Made possible by the generosity of John Templeton Foundation, we have created […]

Eudaimonia On College Campuses? (It’s a Good Thing)

Dr. Robert Bilder is a remarkable person. Yes, he is remarkable for his resume, which gives one cotton mouth when trying to absorb the depth of his career, but even more remarkable is his dedication to the exceptional health and well-being of young students at UCLA, Louie Schwartzberg’s alma mater and where Dr. Bilder currently […]

Let There Be Light

On Thursday, December 15, 2016 the lights went down within the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. What followed was a miracle of sorts. In the darkness, light was suddenly projected upon the structure’s iconic spiral rotunda – 5 stories high – and the central gallery floor filled with healthcare CEO’s from around the globe […]

Heather Hayward

HeartMath: the Gift Is Between the Beats

Expanding Heart Connections HeartMath is committed to helping activate the heart of humanity. They suggest that by creating an alignment and connection between our mind and heart, and with each other’s hearts, we awaken the higher mental, emotional and spiritual capacities that are dormant within us. Compassion, Resonance and Transformation are the core values that […]

Teenagers & Thank You Notes (This Really Happened)

Ashley Weber teaches high school French. Every Thursday, she asks the students to dedicate the first 10 minutes to writing a thank you note. And, you might be shocked to learn… they LOVE IT. Because of Thank You Thursday, there are currently over 1600 messages of thanks out in the world. At that, Madame Weber […]

Louie Schwartzberg

G Is For Gratitude

Q&A With Louie Schwartzberg Gratitude Lab Kicks Off With a Sit-Down With Louie If you haven’t heard yet, Gratitude Lab is now officially begun! In response to your requests, we’ve curated the best gratitude videos, gratitude facts, DIY projects for you to download, and…. a series of gratitude exercises which can be adapted to fit […]

Compassion Games

Survival of the Kindest: The Compassion Games

August 21st marked the end of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. World-class athletes from all corners of the globe have returned home, some with medals marking their incredible accomplishments. As those games come to a close, however, a new set of games is just on the horizon: the Compassion Games. No plane […]

Tiffany Shlain on Focus, Moxie and Effective Change in the World

There’s a Goethe quote that Tiffany Shlain has had framed on her desk since she was a little girl: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”By any standard for success, Tiffany has accomplished a lot. She has contributed an impressive amount of […]

National Wildflower Week & Contest

This past Sunday, May 8th was not just Mother’s Day. It also marked the end of National Wildflower Week. The week was started by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas, because of the former first lady’s belief that wildflowers “give us a sense of where we are in this great land of […]

Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Sharing Our Mission

Louie Schwartzberg’s lengthy career has been dedicated to capturing the beauty of nature using pioneering time-lapse techniques that take us on journeys through time and scale. As beautiful as these images are, they also come with a deeper purpose. “Beauty is nature’s tool for survival,” Louie is often quoted as saying, “we protect what we […]

Gratitude Revealed

Reconciling Faith and Climate Change

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, we have a very special interview for you. We had the pleasure of speaking to Sean Watkins, the social media manager at GreenFaith (a Gratitude Revealed partner!), an interfaith coalition for the environment that was founded in 1992. If “faith” and “environment” seem like a contradiction of terms to you now, just […]

Gratitude Revealed

Finding Purpose in People

Norman Lear has had a long and storied (pun intended) career as a writer and producer of American television. His shows, including All in the Family, Sanford and Son, and The Jeffersons, defined the sitcom format. Everyone knows an Archie Bunker. He is a master at making people laugh, but you might be surprised to […]

When The Lights Go Down: MUSE, Arianna Huffington & Sleep

When The Lights Go Down: MUSE, Arianna Huffington & Sleep If you were in NYC on March 31, you probably felt the enchantment in the air. That’s because MUSE was in town. MUSE events are “enchanted evenings where art, life science & technology meet to inspire the Who’s Who in health.” It’s a modern-day adaptation of the […]

Louie Schwartzberg Moving Art and Malynn Utzinger MD

The Soul of Forgiveness

If you are unfamiliar with Malynn Utzinger MD, you are in for the sweetest treat. She’s double board certified in Family Medicine and in Integrative and Holistic Medicine, is a certified yoga instructor, and has been exploring alternative medicine for years—working with the likes of Dean Ornish MD, Andrew Weil MD and most recently, Deepak […]

Gratitude Revealed

The Happiness Doctor Is In

The Happiness Doctor Is In Dr. Carter takes “the pursuit of happiness” to a whole new level. In our gratitude film series, it only made sense to connect with the “Happiness Expert” for our film on the same subject. Happiness – it turns out – is hard work… with incredible rewards. We were excited, therefore, […]

Chris Anderson, Curator of TED, on Curiosity

As this article is written, extraordinary minds are gathered in Vancouver for TED 2016. This event’s theme? DREAM. The very nature of TED, its very premise, is to inspire curiosity and encourage the insatiable pursuit of answers… which create more questions. Isn’t that exactly how you hoped college would be? Isn’t that how you hoped […]

Lynne Twist Great Fullness

The story of the two branches of gratitude

Lynne Twist speaks with an urgency that is so captivating, it wakes you up. She has witnessed and lived among a world few of us will ever know. When the majority of us would quickly resort to anger, scolding and despair, Twist exudes genuine and contagious hopefulness in her voice, having great faith in our […]

Jack Kornfield, Gratitude Revealed

Jack Kornfield: Patience is The Wrong Word

I imagine many of you reading this article grew up knowing the name Jack Kornfield. Jack Kornfield is a bestselling American author and has taught meditation worldwide since 1974 and is one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist Mindfulness practice to the West. He has organized teacher training and led international gatherings of Buddhist […]